Steve Bannon And Real America’s Voice Fill A Void For Lost Rush Limbaugh Fans

The loss of Rush Limbaugh took a very heavy toll on Conservatives, and there will never be a way to completely replace the hold he had on his faithful supporters and fans; however, one person’s name comes up often in conversations about who could step into Rush’s shoes, and fill a void in the hearts and minds of American patriots- and that name is Steve Bannon.

Bannon shares some very similar qualities to Limbaugh, so it is not a surprise at all that Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, would find a Rush fan turned Bannon fan who would talk about the similarities he sees between the two broadcasters.

When telling Bergquam about the loss of Limbaugh in his life, one rally attendee at a recent Michigan event for President Donald J. Trump got a touch emotional when discussing what Bannon had come to mean to him personally.

“I listened to Rush Limbaugh, and he was such a pivotal part of patriotism in America. And when he died, it was part of our soul that was taken, like, a family member. I listened to Rush for 30 years. I used to go out at work and stay in my car to listen to him. People knew where I was and that I was out listening to Rush.

And on my last day of work is the day he died. It was a very emotional thing for me but I started watching Steve Bannon, and the information that he gave, made him like my new Rush Limbaugh.

You know, I love the whole Real America’s Voice family that I watch. I appreciate the information that we get from Steve and Real America’s Voice.”


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