Exclusive Bergquam Shows Graphic Toll Of Border Invasion-Warning

“Warning – viewer discretion advised. Joe Biden’s Open Border Deaths with Deputy Constable Bowels of Eagle Pass, TX. The lefts invasion is not just killing America, it’s killing the very people the left pretends to care about. #LawAndBorder,” Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice posted with a graphic clip of some of the deceased migrants that have been located in the area.

In the clip, the law enforcement officer said:

“Border Patrol is being pushed to their limits every day. We see larger and larger groups every day. Whereas before, we were seeing smaller groups constantly cross 24/7 now we’re seeing, every 2 to 3 hours, several hundred cross over.

The pressure is on the National Guard and everyone down here. The sheer numbers that border patrol is processing every day are within the thousands, and we’ve seen the number of deceased increase.

The numbers have been rising dramatically. Before, we were getting an average of about one a day. And then, about the past three to four weeks we’ve been averaging anywhere between three to seven to about 10 deceased people a day, we’re seeing more people succumbing to the heat especially, and it is very dangerous.

Our Local funeral homes are getting filled up,” he told Bergquam.


Bergquam’s report confirms another report from Friday about the rising number of deaths on the border, reaching 700:

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