Fighting For Freedom And Having Fun! The Dream Of Frontline America

Ben Bergquam is known for his brilliant smile and laugh and general all-around good humor- and his bold activism.  But life wasn’t always easy for Ben.  He has been through some tremendous hardship- and that is a story we will start to show our readers, with time.

This site and Ben’s activism, and now professional broadcast career with Real America’s Voice, have been a dream for him to build- to serve God and America.

You, dear reader, are a part of that dream.

From the places he has visited for Real America’s Voice and the War Room, Ben has seen some things out in the jungles and byways of the invasion of our Republic, where some very dangerous dudes are lurking around and may be watching him. Remember- Ben has even been attacked numerous times- but he still has fun.

Even while he is covering some very dramatic and heavy content- with dire consequences for the American people, he can take a few moments out of traveling in Central America to remind people of the hope we can find in some shared laughter and fun.

YES! We are fighting for our freedom- and these are very scary times full of uncertainty for many of us. Many of us feel frustrated with our government at every level of our interaction with them, from schools to banking- and even about our very healthcare, which used to be the best in the world.

The truth is that we just do not trust people the way we use to trust. And that is because we have been betrayed.

We take that seriously at Frontline America. And while we are working to bring you real news that can be scary- we are also taking a few moments to remember that we are still blessed with the greatest country on Earth because we have a chance to turn things around- more than any other country has, we have the opportunity to be impactful citizens.

We can get involved with our system and change it. We stand up and we also sleep.

If you like what we are doing, and enjoy Ben Bergquam’s work- please support this site by making some purchases at www.MyPillow.Com and use the  Promo code: FRONTLINE

We all actually use and love Mike Lindell’s products, daily. Remember to work hard, play hard- get out and be active in your communities- and have fun.

God bless America. We are still in this.

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