Forget Direct TV!! Law And Border- New Program Will Show Biden’s Border Crisis

Proving that America First Republicans and supporters of President Donald J. Trump are not done fighting for the sovereignty and security of the United States, Real Americas Voice- with top border investigative reporter Ben Berquam will bring Americans more of the news they need about the Biden Border crisis- so they will be armed with facts and truth.

And just as the Media/political/Big Tech establishment is pushing Conservatives off of platforms- Like DIrect TV did this week- Ben ‘Trigger a Lib” Bergquam is expanding his reach with content that people will want to watch.

Biden and his administration, the Democrat Party and all of the Non-Government Organizations they can pull into collaborations- can not stop the power of well-educated voters.

So be aware that you have something coming up on the horizon on Real Americas Voice, and please visit our sponsors, like Trigger a Lib, to help us keep going here.

“Just a taste from our new show “Law and Border” only on Real America’s Voice News! If you love America; if you love law enforcement; and if you’re sick of seeing our country being invaded and attacked from enemies with, you are going to love this show! AmericasVoice.News,” Bergquam wrote to describe the news show.

Check out this preview and watch here for more details on how to catch this excellent programming.

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