Trigger A Lib, Like Ben Bergquam Triggered The ‘Cryin’ Daily Beast

The Daily Beast (TDB), who prides itself on being “good journalism”, with their Editor- Noah Shachtman– winning awards for such things, wrote and published an article about Frontline America’s own Ben Bergquam, which proves what low standards the left has for both journalism and news.

“Hey- I just triggered a lib. That is what I do,” Bergquam said about the opportunity to highlight one of his best sponsors. You can Trigger a Lib Too- visit our sponsors!


The left-leaning propaganda media site- also showed their hand- at who it is they really fear; supporters of President Donald J. Trump who have a platform, and Bergquam’s platform is growing steadily daily.

TDB, in their article about Bergquam, like a drunk sorority girl fresh from a breakup with the captain of the football team, attacked Bergquam an investigative reporter and broadcaster, for making a video about his experience getting sick with double phenomena in a COVID-19 obsessed country.

Here is the video that triggered TDB:

Bergquam also took the opportunity to thank sponsors of his independent media platform- Frontline America- and to express his continued support for President Donald J. Trump.

This enraged TDB writers, who refused to put their name on their piece!

TDB never mentioned or linked to any of Bergquam’s work, so readers could check anything for themselves- as good journalists- like I do. They also did not reach out to Bergquam- they just wanted to mock him, in their Maoist-style shame campaign.

Check this out:

That is fine journalism to the left, remember. To call us “extremists”, to try to shame us, to mock us in the media- and attempt to build an audience to do the same.

But it just looks like crying.

That is because the left is losing and they fear us.

Check out how Bergquam responded to TDB nastiness and poor journalist standards:


Bergquam showed that he is the ultimate Mack Daddy of Triggering a Lib. Check out our sponsors on the front page and below.

And the lesson is not to the left trigger you- they are losing, we are winning. Make sure you go and get yourself a t-shirt at Trigger a Lib, get a Pillow from Mike Lindell, or visit any of our sponsors and help keep the lights on over here.

And Ben will keep making The Daily Beast cry.

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