From Migrant Village: ‘We Are Inviting Into The US The Same Cartel Who Scare Mexicans To Death’

One courageous reporter is uncovering the shocking and painful details of what we face as a nation due to the apparently planned invasion of the United States by unknown, unvetted migrants from all over the third world.

The Democrats are bypassing all immigration laws and safety protocols at this point, and their motive for doing so has been hidden from the American people. While Americans are distracted and unaware- a highly dangerous situation is continuing to build- with motemum at our border.

There are masses of people waiting for the -go ahead- from Democrat Joe Biden – to jump the border and come into the United States.

Bergquam has the details.

“Today in Reynosa Mexico the Senda de Vida migrant shelter is overflowing as 1000’s of future border crossers gather awaiting the end of Title 42,” Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, reported after an intensive investigation into the massive Democrat created crisis on the Southern Border.

Watch as Bergquam updates on the details of what is happening on the Southern Border. Then, he exposes the criminal deeds of the Democrat administration- as they watch the storm clouds gathering for our country- and do nothing- but help it all build against us.

Bergquam interviewed a migrant who claimed to have seen 12 dead bodies and interpreted that as a message to others to not try to make the journey. Yet people are attempting to cross anyway- risking their own lives. What is happening with the enticement to come to the US is a humanitarian crisis that is leading to death and abuse of curious and desperate people.

Bergquam is a frequent guest on the War Room with Steve Bannon and has been updating the War Room audience about the dire situation on our Southern border.

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