‘God Key’ Found by Lindell Team, Evidence Filed to Supreme Court Mimics Nazi Machine

Attorney Kurt Olsen appeared on the War Room on Friday with Steve Bannon to discuss the new evidence that My Pillow CEO has been promising would be uploaded to the US Supreme Court after a recent ruling opened the door for that action.

It is noteworthy that in the War Room discussion, Olsen made reference to The Enigma Machine. So a little sidestep is necessary here- to get the full context of what he is referring to:

The Enigma machine was a cipher device developed and used by Nazi Germany during World War IIIt was employed extensively in all branches of the German militaryThe machine was used to develop nearly unbreakable codes for sending secret messagesThe Enigma’s settings offered 150,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible solutionsAlthough the Germans considered their codes unbreakable, the Allies eventually could crack its code.


Olsen and Bannon discussed a potential Supreme Court case regarding election machine integrity. Olsen argued that the Lindell team has new evidence, including altered software and unsecured cryptographic keys, indicating significant flaws in election systems.

They seek expedited consideration from the Supreme Court. Pending further legal procedures, the outcome of whether the Supreme Court will take up the case remains uncertain.

The War Room conversation emphasized the urgency and significance of the newly uncovered evidence, with Lindell’s opponents disputing its novelty.

According to Olsen, the new evidence is multipronged and complex and has never been before any court yet.

Olsen and Bannon discussed the process of getting this evidence heard before the high court.

As of now, Olsen and Lindell are awaiting the decision by SCOTUS if they will look at the new evidence.

Bannon pushed Olsen to discuss his critic’s points that the evidence has been heard before and Olsen responded:

” Oh, well, two reasons. I mean, we think that the lower courts were wrong in their decisions, but perhaps more importantly, we have new evidence that supports that this case was dismissed by the lower court saying that the claims about the machines were too speculative.”

About that evidence, Olsen told Bannon that defenders of the machines have made false statements to the court:

“And we have concrete evidence that’s new that was not known before, where the defendants told the courts that hey, these machines are certified by the Election Assistance Commission. They’re software-certified. We perform the logic and accuracy tests and other matters, and this is why the machines are safe and why the plaintiff’s carry legs, and insurance claims didn’t hold water. We’ve uncovered three pieces of evidence, one in 2020 and one in 2022, that they use altered software. In any statement that that software is certified by the EAC is false. They falsely stated that to the court. They falsely stated that to the Arizona Senate during that audit in 2001. And they falsely stated on their website.”

On Olsen’s argument of false statements, he told Bannon:

“The Second thing that was false is they say they perform logic and accuracy testing. And that’s a pre-election test designed to give people confidence that the machines will actually tabulate and read votes as they are, but they did not perform logic and accuracy tests on any of the votes and center calculators they used in either the 2020 or the 2022 Election. They used five spares. If you combine that with the fact that they’re using altered software, and it’s important to note the altered software was concerning a configuration file called the machine behavior settings.”

On the reason the evidence is important, Olsen told Bannon:

“And that goes directly to how ballots are read and tabulated. And then there is a third piece of evidence that is, perhaps, the most shocking because it doesn’t apply just to Maricopa elections.

Our cyber expert have uncovered the master cryptographic encryption keys that are used to govern and encrypt all election data. The files and software have been left open on the database in plain text.”

To add more context to why that is important to understand, Olsen told Bannon:

“And what that means if you remember the Enigma machine in World War Two, when the significant fine was able to decrypt that cipher code and then read the Germans messages, well this is even easier, because now any malicious actor, any insider, anyone who knows to get into the machine could. This is very easy to do because it’s just Windows logon; you can bypass that within three minutes, control an entire election, and cover their tracks, so it’s nearly undetectable.

They can intercept any election results that are transmitted because they have the private key that allows them to decrypt that information, insert it, change the results, and re-encrypt it. It’s essentially a god key.

This is the most basic security violation that one can have if you talk to any cybersecurity professional to leave the master cryptographic keys in plain text available to anybody who knows where to look.

That is, it violates the most basic security standards, but more importantly, it allows a malicious actor to control the entire election and do anything they want and escape detection.”

Oslen is on Truth Social

Watch Olsen and Bannon:

Lindell appeared on a Twitter Space, on Friday, as promised, to talk to reporters:

A Saturday email from Lindell adds some more details about what Olsen called the “God Key”:

Hello from Mike Lindell,
Decryption keys found in the voting machines.
decryption keys in an election database table in plain text—protected by nothing other than Windows log-in credentials that are easily bypassed—enabling any malicious actor total control over its electronic voting systems.

This security breach violates common sense, to say nothing of FIPS-level encryption. While this breach has the game-changing magnitude of the Allies’ deciphering Germany’s ENIGMA machine in World War II, it is far worse.

Dominion leaves the decryption keys bare, in plain text. Embedded Dominion employees or any malicious actor who knows where to look can gain total access and control over an election. It is like a bank telling the public they have the most secure vault in the world, and then taping the combination on the wall next to the vault door.

Even worse, key logging features that would record system activity showing such control can also be manipulated or disabled, thereby rendering any penetration of this system nearly undetectable. 

[Page 13 of petition filing] To view the full court petition, go to lindellplan.com immediately! This case has opened a door that no one can shut.
God bless, Mike LindellLindell Offense Fund

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