New Law and Border This Saturday, Chicago is a Bordertown Now!

Ben Bergquam is an investigative reporter who is an expert on the Southern border, has been traveling to Chicago, Ill to investigate the plight of residents there as they face out-of-control crimes and other problems from constant surgery of illegal aliens under the Democratic Party’s governance, reporting that long time Chicagoans feel abandoned by the people they put in office.

Bergquam appeared on the War Room on Thursday with host Steve Bannon to discuss the next episode of the Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, saying he will highlight the people he has met in Chicago and tell their tragic stories at 8PM on Saturday night.

Bergquam gave Bannon comments about the new episode, and the two talked about the irony of highlighting Chicago, Illinois, as a “Border town” after the plight the residents have suffered there from the massive influx of illegal immigrants.


Here are more details about the Saturday program:

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