HOTEL HELL: Local New Yorker Shows Bergquam an ‘Illegal Alien Incubators,’ Where Only Illegals are Allowed

A Beachfront community in New York called Sheepshead Bay is now a ‘border town’ and feeling the pains of an illegal invasion from the Southern Border, where half of the hotels in the area are filled to maximum capacity with illegal aliens.

“Sheephead Bay by the Water is a wonderful location to stroll and enjoy one or many of the restaurants of Lower Brooklyn,” Trip Advisors reports about the quiet area, but there are growing resentments in the area over a focus on housing illegal aliens.

In 2022 reports showed that the Homeland Security Department put illegal immigrant families in hotels, guaranteeing five-star treatment with laundry service, mattress choices, and security, all on the taxpayers’ dime.

America First Legal, a conservative organization of former top Trump aides, obtained the documents through an open-records request, calling the accommodations for illegal immigrants “astounding.”

Migrants were given the option of meat at every meal, 24-hour access to drinks and snacks, babysitters, television programming in both English and Spanish, and their choice of mattress for bed.

The use of hotels was a part of the Biden administration’s response to the surge of illegal immigrants overwhelming the southern border and Homeland Security’s resources in early 2021.

DHS housed migrant families in hotels while trying to process them. In 2021, the Washington Examiner reported the U.S. government was spending $352.64 a night on beds, food, medical and mental health services, laundry, and reactional activities for migrants.

Rent contracts of hotels in Texas and Arizona were said to be for 199 days or six months. A total of 1,239 beds were obtained for the anticipated 80,000 migrant surge. 

The initiative was part of an approximately $87 million contract ICE engaged with the San Antonion nonprofit Family Endeavors. Migrants were housed in Hilton Hotels, Best Western International, Choice Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group.

And that is pretty much what Bergquam discovered is still going on in hotels around New York state.

Two local men joined Real America’s Voice correspondent and host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam, to investigate the use of one hotel in their area, where two female security guards were recorded by the group, refusing to answer questions about why access to the building was being denied to the three curious men.

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Bergquam courageously tried to talk to the women inside, but they refused to answer him. Check out the following footage of his attempt to figure out what is happening in Sheepshead Bay New York.

“Take this video to every politician and tell them we will be voting them out local, state, and federal. We need politicians who will deport this illegal and fire everyone who is banking on it,” one poster wrote in response to seeing the following video:

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