How US State Department, Planned Parenthood And LGBTQ Mafia Are Connected In Public Ed

The United States of America is at the end of a Marxist revolution where powerful institutions have applied pressure on the defenders of our civil liberties and destroyed our value systems. There is no better proof of this than what we see happening in the Public School system.

The left has successfully displaced Western Civilization, with it’s protections on childhood, in favor of standards from third world countries where gruesome things like cannibalism and medical experimentation upon children are acceptable. Our highest federal offices, led by radical far left Democrats, have given the process in every public school in the country, the green light because of the nationalization of education.  And as long as Democrats are in power over us, this deconstruction of America will continue as well as the assault on a safe and happy childhood.

Consider this:

The US State Department of Democrat Joe Biden’s administration, released the following press statement on Tuesday about their designation of “Intersex Day”:

Intersex persons are subject to violence, discrimination, and abuse based on their sex characteristics.  Many intersex persons, including children, experience invasive, unnecessary, and sometimes irreversible medical procedures.  The Department supports the empowerment of movements and organizations advancing the human rights of intersex persons and the inclusion of intersex persons in developing policies that impact their enjoyment of human rights.

We stand with the activists, intersex human rights organizations, and others in civil society who tirelessly work to advance the human rights of intersex persons with governments, international institutions, organizations, and communities around the world.


According to Planned Parenthood:

“Intersex is a general term used for a variety of situations in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of “female” or “male.” Sometimes doctors do surgeries on intersex babies and children to make their bodies fit binary ideas of “male” or “female.”


Yes.  Just ask the school librarian, as uncovered in this video of a PTA meeting, where school officials brag about “materials in the resource center” that parents don’t need to know about.”

Undercover Video Shows School Officials In Wake Co. North Carolina Say ‘Go Around’ Parents, To Affirm Even Elementary Kid’s Gender Choice

Where are these strange schools lessons leading public education?


Key Point: The subject of this article, after refusing to talk to me went to the State’s leftist news for help and admitted he wanted to “desensitize” this child. 

As I uncovered in one case, a principal admitted he saw his job as desensitizing a least one child when he demanded access to the child’s complete medical records after the Mom made a request for a mask exemption:

Exposed: Principal Demands Full Access To Disabled Child’s Medical Records And Denies Mask Exemption

SO consider this- After calling Intersex a human right, has the US Government established that all laws and policies, including school curriculums, will focus on Intersex?

Are they desensitizing children to laws about sexualizing children.

Of course, you know that it is already happening. And here is proof. Consider this lesson I exposed, just this week, for October as “coming out day,” where an author of a book about Intersex identified himself as a Herphadte and introduced the discussion of “XXX chromosomes’.

Shame On Schools: Mom Leaks High School Physics ‘Gender’ Assignement For Our Deconstruction

And how about this article where children are being desensitized to killing babies, with a school lesson and textbook that glorifies cannibalism and serial killer Jeffrey Dhamer.

Cannibalism Taught In Georgia School With Graphic Novel Of Smut, Teachers Developing Their Own Social Justice Lessons

Every single day I talk to parents who are beside themselves with concern and worry about what is happening in the public schools and feeling under assault.

This is the Civil Rights movement of our time, but not for the reason the left claims.  American families are the victims of American public schools, who are causing untold harm.