Huge Iowa Event for Kari Lake, Where Populist Firebrand Wins Hearts and Minds of Voters

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, was live on the scene for an exciting meet and greet as the Republican Governor candidate for AZ appeared in Iowa and had a tremendous showing of support from the people there.

Before the event, Bergquam got a chance to talk to Lake for a few mins about her campaign promises to protect the border of AZ:

But her speech was not just about the concerns of people in Arizona. She had the attention of the voters in Iowa, who turned out on a frigid Friday morning and stood in line to hear her and show their support.

The enthusiasm for Lake was tremendous, and the crowd was so big that the room was overfilled:

Bergguam had appeared in the War Room With Steve Bannon to prepare him for the event. According to Bergquam, the event’s purpose was to increase support for America First policies among the voters there.

Lake talked about elections and the reason there needs to be more scrutiny:

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