WW3: Steve Bannon Slams CCP ‘Trade-Dependent’ Politician Over Balloons, Says ‘This Jam’ we are in is ‘Obama’s Fault’

The news came down Sunday evening that Democrat Joe Biden had given the order to shoot down the most recent UFO over Lake Huron in Michigan, which was surprising with a panel of NORAD guys and journalists about the changes for the Rules of Engagement (ROE) for shooting down objects.

“Is this all just political then?” one reporter asked. Americans are trying to figure out what is going on.

It really feels like few people in Washington, DC understand the threats the United States and the American people face from the Chinese Communist Party anywhere near the level of what War Room host Steve Bannon understands. He does have a few allies.

“We have the Chinese engaged in attacks in our airspace and we are going to have the President involved, no matter how apolitical the process is supposed to be. That is the bed we have made for ourselves with Biden,” Tom Fitton said, on Sunday, talking about the most recent emergency defense actions of shooting down a UFO.

In direct contrast to Fitton was a Democrat who reacted to the first balloon being shot down last week and soft peddled the whole thing and talked about preserving American dependence upon China.

Bannon played that footage of Pro CCP-Chinese American Gary Locke, and deconstructed it recently- that footage is below- and what he said is important for people who are looking for an explanation about what is going on in the air.

Here is some things to think about first..

Bannon isn’t dependent on trade with the Chinese Communist Party, so he sees the threats of a hostile and aggressive Chinese Party on the American people and talks about that. Bannon often exposes Americans who are trade dependent with the CCP, saying they are “compromised”.

Bannon isn’t alone in his bold aggressive defense of American sovereignty and his smackdown of Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama, who he brought up in his Friday show.

Fitton the president of Judicial Watch, described the current situation unfolding with the CCP in a Twitter space Sunday afternoon, saying, “We are in a national crisis with the CCP attacking our airspace right now. They are causing a breakdown of American national defense. They seem to want to escalate tensions by exploiting our national weakness of having Joe Biden as our President.”

“We have been caught with our pants down; these Balloons are like someone coming into your bedroom and leaving a bullet on the bedroom table. We need to expand our response, ” Fitton said in a Twitter Space with news people, on the balloons.


Plenty of pundits are saying that the CCP ‘weather balloons, or simple intel-gathering devices and are not a big deal, and China isn’t really a threat. But that doesn’t seem to be calming people down anymore, as trust in the government and media has hit rock bottom, and the Nation has for the first time had to deal with aggressive military action in our own airspace.

“These balloons send the message as a vehicle for weapons of mass destruction, and this causal approach that this regime has four times has reacted with shooting them down and nothing more. There is no doubt that the CCP is behind this,” Fitton told the room.

And then there is the historic incompetence of the Democrats.

Enter Obama:

Check out what InvestorsDaily wrote about Obama and his love of Communism in 2016:

How far we’ve come since Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin and famously demanded: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Today, President Barack Obama is singing serenades to communism.

While in Argentina last week, America’s apologizer in chief lamented:  “So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate. Oh, you know, you’re a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you’re some crazy communist that’s going to take away everybody’s property.

“Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works.”

What works? Have we arrived at a new ideological low that our president feels compelled to defend the evils of communism, a system that left people living under it — from the Soviet Union to China and East Germany to Cuba — in abject poverty, declining health and without the most basic of human rights?


Both Fitton and Bannon slam the Democrat’s attitude toward the Communists. Both Biden, and Obama. And Obama’s influence on Biden.

Plenty of people believe that Obama is in fact the shadow POTUS pulling Biden’s strings.

The debate between politicians about the nature of the CCP’s focus on the US has raged on for decades over whether or not the American people should- for some reason- sacrifice their liberty for the purpose of building a strong weaponized state for the benefit of the Communist Party.

Not everyone agrees it is a great idea to give the CCP all of the tools and weapons they need to aggressively take our country by force. And those debates are raging in DC and around the country now.

The country is watching a scary situation unfolding with Unidentified Flying Objects being shot down, and the media and government is creating more questions for people, than giving answers.

Believe it or not, many politicians are willing to gaslight the American people about how noble it is to build the Communists up and let them into our country and give them the keys while we lose what made us strong.

The simple fact is that we have a whole lot of useful idiots in charge of the institutions that we need in a time of war like we are currently in, and now America- as a whole is going to have to pay the price of decades of stupid greedy leaders lying to us.

However, there is one person who seems willing to spell out the truth- no matter what.

That person is Bannon, and he does it daily on his program The War Room, on Real America’s Voice M-F 10 AM-12 PM EST, 5 PM-6 PM, (Real America’s Voice) 6 PM-7 PM Frankspeech Lindell.TV

Last Friday morning’s program, Bannon’s cold open was footage of former Ambassador to China, Gary Locke- as Locke gave his reaction to the Chinese Spy Balloon story at that time, and his comments were quite telling and should be re-visited.

Locke is a pro-CCP Democrat politician who served as ambassador to China under Barack Obama and he is heavily invested in pro-CCP trade, so even in the face of the CCP attacking US airspace, his loyalty is clear- it is to the CCP.

To understand Locke, a second-generation American, check out his Bio- on his Harvard page:

“As Washington’s 21st Governor from 1997-2005, the nation’s most trade-dependent state, Mr. Locke expanded the sale of products and services by leading 10 productive trade missions to Mexico, Europe, and Asia.  He successfully strengthened economic ties between China and Washington State, more than doubling the state’s exports to China to over $5 billion per year.

That is a lot of money.

Watch what Locke says about the Chinese Balloon, its purpose of it, and his defense of the CPC’s actions, and then pay close attention to Bannon’s reaction to what Locke says.

Here is a hint about how Bannon feels about Locke’s point of view:

“That was one continual lie, misrepresentation, and spin by Obama. If you want to know one of the reasons we’re in such a jam, with the Chinese Communist party, well- that’s Obama.”

GO TO 2:30 and watch:

Fitton said that he didn’t think the CCP wanted to go to war with America, and reminded the audience that ther

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