“I Stand With Steve Bannon” Shows Up On Twitter after Political Persecution

Immediately after the announcement of Merrik Garland’s brazen power grab, supporters of Steve Bannon reacted to the news that Bannon had been indicted and was expected to turn himself in to a Federal Judge on Monday.

Founder of Frontline America, a frequent guest on the War Room Podcast, retweeted Maureen Bannon’s tweet showing three generations of fighting Bannons.

Bannon appeared on his War Room Podcast on Friday, a full hour after the news hit social media, and he carried on for the full hour saying: “There is no crying in the War Room. Everyday is the fight club”, but making no direct comment about the indictment.

The hashtag #IStandWithSteve and #IStandWithSteveBannon was full of messages of support for Bannon.

From US House Rep, Matt Gaetz:

Regular fans posted:

Scott Presler who was a recent guest posted:

Dan Schultz who helped build the Precinct Committeeman Project with Bannon on the WarRoom posted, and retweeted Co. Rob Maness:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch posted:

Co-host Boris posted:

General Flynn made the point on Tucker Carlson’s show that the Democrats are highly corrupt.

Bannon has lots of support:


Juanita Broaddrick posted a great clip in support of Bannon:

Expect the support to continue.

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