Incredible Rare Footage: Brazen Illegals Found Scaling Wall in Daylight

There is no way that people don’t know that the US border with Mexico is open for invasion, as this exclusive video by Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, exposes.

What Bergquam exposed from his live footage taken during the 4th of July weekend is an unmanned- rope ladder-lined ‘security wall’ that is not being patroled at all because all of the human resources in border control are busy with a massive influx of asylum seekers.

From Bergquam’s description of the situation and the open-borders policies, it appears as if Democrat Joe Biden and his regime are helping to organize an invasion of the United States.

Bergquam’s footage happens at the same time news reports show that there is a global invasion happening from permissive immigration policies, which is resulting in very dark times.


Here is what Bergquam said in the video:

“From this point, the Santa Teresa Port of Entry to New Mexico for 20 miles is basically unmanned right now, other than the Bortac unit that goes out there that the Tactical Team of border patrol. This is unmanned.

They don’t have the resources to cover this over the 20 Mile stretch. So you’re talking about unknown numbers of people coming across.

If you were a terrorist, or if you were the cartels and you were escorting, high-value targets across here, where would you take them? Would you take them to the place where you have border patrol? And would you take them to the place where you don’t have water Patrol?

I mean, it’s clear; it’s obvious. This is what scary to me is that none of this is being reported out of Washington. D.C.

I just talked to a border patrol agent here. He said in this section from Santa Teresa Port of Entry all the way to the east side of Mount Cristo Rey, that little stretch of Border, he says, it’s normal for them and that little stretch to get 700 to 1,000 people in one day, but they estimate that four to five thousand people a day are coming across just in that little stretch.

So they’re only getting a fourth to a fifth of what’s actually coming across here. All of these CBP1 applications, all of these people coming in claiming fake Asylum, are simply opening the doors for thousands and thousands of people per day to break into our country on a head down that 20-mile stretch to, we can find one running back. Looks like he was just about to cross over and a whole bunch of just waiting to cross in,” Bergquam said, showing the rope ladders, adding:

“We got three more running out that way and we have no border patrol. I have no way of dealing with these guys. We got these guys down here. This is outrageous.”

Bergquam also posted a phone conversation with an agent who told him there was no one to take care of the situation:

See more of our coverage of Bergquam’s reports from the area and his appearance on the War Room, Wednesday:

This is the energy behind impeaching the secretary of Homeland Security, as seen in this Real America’s Voice video:

There is a global invasion by migration going on, as seen in recent news coverage of France, Brussels, Switzerland, and Italy.

Media reports also show that India is having the same trouble with immigration in their country, which is being described as suicide and one reporter is exposing the danger to the people:

From the New Indian article:

West Europe, through France, is having a sneak peek at how its moment of reckoning will look. The proverbial chickens have come home to roost, and there is nothing that their governments can do or are willing to do about it. They can best put it under the carpet and pretend that all is well. For instance, instead of calling for a ban on rioters, French President Macron has called for a ban on the internet. No internet means no coverage of the destruction and mayhem caused by the rioting immigrants. What you do not see does not exist.

Douglas Murray covered this weird case of European ritual suicide in depth in his milestone book, ‘The Strange Death of Europe’, anything that we try to add here along the same lines would be superfluous. What can be added, however, is that it is painfully frustrating the way momentous works such as these (or the fiction titled ‘Submission’, written by Michel Houellebecq) fall uselessly by the side as the politicians in governments continue serving their globalist overlords, and the legitimate population continues to be ignorant, indifferent, and unorganised.

India has been facing the same problem for a long time now. The wound caused by the illegal immigrants – first from Bangladesh, and later on from Myanmar – has been festering for decades, and, like in France, remains topped with the same amount of government unwillingness to tackle it.

While France and other Western European nations cite reasons that range from lofty intangibles like humanitarian angles to practical issues like repopulating their countries to address a labour deficit, the Indian state remains ambiguous, hiding behind airy adages like atithi devo bhava and more practical considerations such as vote-bank politics.

Though the immediate issue at hand is a demographic imbalance, the larger problem that this imbalance ushers in has the potential to threaten civilizations. Across both India and West Europe, this unbridled allowance of letting illegal immigrants walk in and settle down has not only damaged the fabric of the countries concerned, but this anomaly now threatens to overturn the very concept of a nation-state.

There are numerous pockets within India where subversive non-state elements and institutions rule with their own sets of laws and actively undermine the political borders of the country – the functioning local government chooses to remain blind to this. We have, of course, been witnessing the French riots – a result of what happens when the demography of a territory crosses a certain threshold in terms of absolute numbers.

But how does this threaten the concept of a nation-state?

A nation-state is the political entity of a state (government) dovetailing with the cultural ethos of a nation (a set of people). This concept, which began a little shakily around the time of the Treaty of Westphalia back in 1648 and later on found its footing in most parts of the world, remained fundamentally underlined by a core characteristic: the cultural identity of its people, and the state as a representative of its people. So, for example, the French people would form France – both the nation and the government, and the Germans would form Germany, and so on.

Ever since the advent of globalisation, there have been deliberate efforts to dilute this crucially distinctive feature of this concept. Globalisation, which during its first innings (20th century) managed to impact the consumption pattern of the globe, now seems determined to destroy the identity of the global population in this century.”

And all of this is building to a coming impeachment attempt against one of the villains who is pushing for a foreign invasion of the US:

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