INVASION: Americans Restricted As Illegal Immigrants Cross Border All With Permission From Joe Biden

According to several lawmakers and pundits who are screaming out about the threats we face as a country, America is under an invasion. Still, they are mostly being ignored because Democrat Joe Biden has restricted the US media.

Few courageous reporters dare speak out against the Democrat administration as Ben Bergquam does. Bergquam frequently visits the Southern Border and has chronicled the massive amounts of human trafficking and other crimes committed by the hordes of illegal immigrants.

As Bergquam points out in his reporting, most of the criminal acts are enabled by wealthy Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that have become notorious for funding a radical far-left social justice’ agenda. That leftist agenda is pushed regardless of the amount of support from the public they receive- leaving Americans disenfranchised.

Few Americans would willingly support the invasion that we are currently under if they knew about it; therefore, please share this article to expose the dangers we face to help inform other people.

Consider this video with Bergquam:

“Haitians and Brazilians are crossing here and the Cartels control things. I want to use this video to explain to you what is happening on that side of the bridge. I was denied access by making me go through their hoops but I can come over here to Mexico and walk across to America, and I will get a free escort who will take me around the country. But as media, I have to go to Mexico to see what is happening. Here is something that we need to know, that Law enforcement is saying their new mission is now humanitarian- not law enforcement, “Bergquam said.

Proving that this invasion is intentional watch:

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