Illegals Given Royal Treatment at Airport! AMFest Attendees Delayed to Wait for Them [VIDEOS]

Turning Point USA held a spectacular four-day event in Phoenix, AZ, last week, where attendees built upon a growing enthusiasm for the 2024 election as a period to restore American values; however, upon leaving town by air, convention attendees reported that they witnessed illegal invaders being treated with much more trust and priority than America citizens are treated at the Pheonix airport.

What a way to end such a pro-America event.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, reported about his own experience with illegal invaders at the airport:

As other Turning Point Americans left Phoenix, they saw groups of illegal invaders gather at security to be photographed for IDs because the ‘new arrivals’ had no way of identifying who they were and where they came from. It was also difficult for anyone on staff at the airport to communicate with this population because our “new neighbors’ didn’t speak English.

But that was apparently okay; the priority was to get them comfortably onto their flights.

Eyewitness reports said that groups of invaders could bypass the tedious, long lines of invasive airport security to be ushered to their gates by airport security, where they often held up flights.

Even as we are learning of escalating danger with known terrorists- the evidence is that American authorities are assisting unknown people to come right into the country.

More from Bergquam, with incredible footage that begs the question of how safe we are:


On one flight from Phoenix to Dallas at 1 AM, a group of non-English speaking invaders on Frontline Airlines were instructed by airline staff to measure their carry-on luggage and pay an extra $99.00 for oversized, which is the airline’s policy.

After delaying the flight for an hour and twenty minutes, the invaders were allowed to bypass fees because they could not understand what the attendants told them about their luggage size and the fees. They were finally instructed to carry their luggage and get on the plane.


Earlier in the day, Frontline Airlines had shut the doors on numerous American airline passengers for not making the cut-off time. There are plenty of stories of Americans missing Frontier flights and seeing doors shut on them.

But not for this Phoenix flight.

As a result of the late Phoenix flight, several passengers were forced to run through Dallas airport at 4 AM to get to connecting flights – which were in different Frontier airline terminals at that large airport. The delay caused a panic for one man in a boot was struggling to get his connecting flight back home for Christmas; another group had connecting flights to Cancun, and if they missed their scheduled flight- there was not another leaving Dallas for 24 hours- destroying one family’s Christmas plans, whose flight had final boarding as they were on the airport train to get the correct terminal.

All to wait to help illegal invaders who were getting priority.

Bergquam also highlighted the issue with the invaders and their luggage:

Americans with the same problem on the flight were not treated so kindly with their luggage and had to pay the money, get on the flight, and wait with the other passengers.


“Migrant placed next to me in premium cabin still has bag from processing center A majority of this flight is migrants bussed in from the processing center Can @Delta please let all of their customers know what medical screenings are being done for these migrants illegally crossing our border from all over the world and being flown on their flights?”

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