UK Paper First in World to call for Arrest of Health Minister Over COVID Crimes, He Wanted to “Scare The Pants Off” People as COVID retreated

More than 100,000 WhatsApp messages have been leaked to the media by journalist Isabel Oakeshott showing a massive usurpation of people’s rights and showing a very creepy plan by the UK Government to use propaganda to dominate public opinion about the actions of the UK health officials- who were, at the time of the texts, pressing for deep draconian lockdowns.

And Independent media reports from UK show that Handcock had been advised that COVID was declining at the time, making it all even worse.

“Allison Pearson: UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock should be arrested for wilful misconduct. “The slithy tove can – and must – be dragged before a Select Committee and made to answer for his actions and the vast hurt they have caused,” The Telegraph reported on Sunday.

What has triggered rage in the UK, from the leaked texts, comes from a written exchange between then-health official Matt Handcock and his aide, specifically the ones from December 13, 2020.

The BBC set the stage for the text exchange, saying it was” five days before the government scrapped plans to relax rules for many over Christmas – the former health secretary discusses when to “deploy” the announcement of the new variant.”

According to the BBC report, which cited the Sunday Telegraph report on the leaked texts, Hancock suggested to that aide by text messages that they use their government position to “frighten the pants off everyone” about Covid in a second round of fear porn on the public, to get them under control.

The BBC added to their report they felt the creepy text messages appeared to show Hancock had discussed when to reveal the existence of the Kent variant of Covid to ensure people complied with lockdown rules.

Going on to describe more leaked text messages from the Telegraph, the BBC reported that in another exchange, the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case, suggested the “fear/guilt factor” was vital to the government’s messaging.

At least one other reporter is describing the situation as the beginning of legal consequences for the misdeeds of health officials and lawmakers in how they handled COVID-19.

GB News covered the story, adding even more detail about Handcock’s actions, saying that he had ignored reports about COVID to present his own beliefs to the public:

And saying the fear campaign was coordinated amount, other officials:

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