Jim Acosta’s War On Conservative Women On Behalf Of The Marxist Revolution

In a recent interview, CNN employee, Jim Acosta, talked to a local friendly media about his motivations. It reveals something very interesting about modern-day journalists that needs to be discussed more often- they are activists. And currently, the ‘journalists” who get the most high profile access to lawmakers are ‘social justice’ activists- meaning; they are Marxists.  They see their job as exposing the people who are preventing a full Marxist revolution in the United States.

Consider this question posed to Acosta and his answer, as reported by Northern Virginia magazine:

Reporter: What do you wish people understood better about journalists?

Acosta: We’re here to represent the people. What kind of questions would my parents and friends from high school want to ask? Too often [people] think that we’re, you know, pursuing an agenda. And really, many of us, we’re just trying to get to the bottom of the same things that affect all of us. Primarily, I think we’re here to shine flashlights in dark corners. We’re here to hold the powerful accountable.

Acosta, with no respect for the people who want to hear from Conservatives or the reporters working on stories for Conservatives’ friends and family?  Notice there is nothing about getting the truth out to the people in his answer.

That is because he sees himself as a defender of a foreign – third world-inspired- social justice agenda. And considering the terrible public approval rating of CNN- called ratings- it is questionable who he is asking these questions on behalf of… isn’t that weird?

Here is proof:

“An argument between Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and CNN‘s Jim Acosta has gone viral on social media. The clip has been viewed over 1 million times on Twitter and was shared by Greene as well as other Twitter users on Thursday,” Newsweek reported about the big news in early May.

Trying to make Acosta sound normal, left-leaning Newsweek reported the event as if what Acosta was doing was ok- because in their minds, it is ok- since they have dehumanized Greene as ‘just a Conservative White woman’ who deserves no respect or personal security- right?  Imagine if this were a Republican chasing down, intimidating, threatening, bullying, smearing, and harassing a Black liberal woman or any liberal woman. Now imagine Greene was a Black Conservative woman- that would be ok too, and most honest people will admit it.

The left has a stalking war on Conservative women because they can not win us over with their ideas.

“In the clip, Acosta walked alongside Greene and questioned her recent comments where she said that she could not recall sending texts advocating martial law.

During an administrative hearing on 22 April, Greene was pressed on her previous remarks and social media posts by lawyers arguing she fomented the insurrection and should be barred from the ballot. Throughout the hearing, Greene said she couldn’t recall making certain statements.”

Walked alongside of her?  He was towering over her, aggressively stalking her and then refused to leave when she said he was ‘harassing her’.

He was obviously trying to cause her to be frightened and perhaps even act out in self-defense- so he could cry ‘victim’.

We all know that this treatment of women would never stand if the woman was not a Conservative- pro-American.

Daily Headlines reported on the harassment:

Every time these liberal hacks try their best to “take her down” they always end up paying for it, and no one paid for that mistake more than CNN’s Jim Acosta recently.

Acosta recently approached MTG and tried to “trap” her over a text she supposedly wrote on January 6th about the possibility of Trump imposing “Martial Law.”

Now, the first thing that dunce Acosta did, which just shows that smug eliteness that people hate, is that he pointed out repeatedly that MTG misspelled “Martial” law.

Acosta then tries to lay a “trap” for Marjorie to fall into — and I don’t know if it’s that Jim just isn’t skilled enough to do that, or what his malfunction is, but the whole thing backfires and makes him look like a two-bit partisan hack.

And what was even worse for Jim, was nearly the entire time, Marjorie just kept calling him a liar, which he is, and steamrolling him.

By the end, he’s just left standing there, with nothing to say.

Acosta has targeted Greene for a long time. But he is very ginger and gentle with his fellows on the left who want to see America full of non-Americans.  Check out Acosta’s virtue signaling about how kind he is to Afghan refugees:

Mark Dice had an excellent observation, leading to the question of- how is Jim Acosta sill employed anyway?:

Acosta presents himself as an authentic newscaster. However, many people just don’t see that angle on his work.

Known for being a propagandist for the left, Acosta’s work produces clickbait and shock drama, which may be why CNN is failing so miserably as a news organization.

So where is Acosta to ask the questions for the American people about why the FBI was involved in the Russiagate hoax?

Time will tell what questions Acosta asks to get to the bottom of this story for the American people.

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