Joe Biden’s Democrat Border Insurrection is Working Like a Charm, Smashing Americans in the Process With Chains

Corrupt Barack Obama made a promise to Democrats to change America from all the things social justice warriors hate about the American Republic- like sovereignty. Obama, as promised upon being elected, entered an agreement to transform the United States of America through the UN with a massive scheme to transport people from all over the globe, and bypass the US Immigration system so that elected officials would never have any oversight over Obama’s Marxist utopia of completely changing the country he promised to defend.

President Donald J. Trump exited the Obama- UN agreement as one of his official duties. Trump also worked at strengthening the Obama-UN decimated borders and promised to serve Americans first by putting the Global compact- to elevate migrants over Americans- in the dustbin.

Then Democrat Joe Biden reentered the compact abandoned the American people and chained open the borders, just as Frontline reported in the past, based on in-depth reporting by Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, and this is the real insurrection.


Biden has re-ignited an invasion.. and it is about something else.

We first called it “National Suicide”:

Think about it, it is also a real insurrection of the US Government:




  1. a violent uprising against an authority or government:“the insurrection was savagely put down” · “opposition to the regime led to armed insurrection”

Look at what has happened just this week that was revealed on Real America’s Voice program The War Room:

Crossings are up massively, thanks to the global alliance, sponsored by the United Nations with their Global Compact for Migration, to transform the United States of America. Real America’s Voice correspondent Ramirez reported live on the War Room, on Monday, with Steve Bannon to give him the details of his newest findings:

More on the details of the stampede:

An American was injured in the stampede, according to Real America’s Voice correspondent Anthony Aguero, who reported details to Bannon:

Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice highlighted the concerns from law enforcement in the area, who have reported on the consequences of the open borders Biden and the Democrats have agreed to under the sinister UN agreement:


For more details on more deaths and chaos:

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