Proof: ‘Drunken’ Bank Failures, Woke Agenda, Open Borders, Prove That The Biden Regime Hates You

Democrat Joe Biden, after years of pretending to be an advocate for the Working Class, has cemented his legacy as the champion of the Administrative state right before our eyes. Unfortunately, 2023 has been the best year for the crony pals of Biden, who enabled his 5-decade-long crime spree, and for their support, they got a massive amount of taxpayer funds laundered to them in a number of schemes.

This transfer of resources has happened all while the victims of real natural disasters in the heartland of the USA, get laughed at and mocked and then outright ignored.

During Biden’s regime, he has used his position of authority to fund Ukraine’s War, Border nonprofits, and this week we find out that he will be funneling money to bail out banks that should be bailed out. But Democrats see the American working class as just an ATM.

This is precisely the system that Democrats and RINO want and work hard to push on the voters, especially Democrat voters. And the Democrat voters love it and want more of it- because pleasing their political idols is most important to Democrats.

On the same day last week, there was a stampede of illegal migrants, and there was a second bank closure in the country, showing a country with severe problems.

And few people in DC care about what is happening to the average American as a result of DC’s policies. In fact, the same people who have accepted that Biden is refusing to assist the people of East Palestine, OH, after a natural disaster there- are saying that Democrats need to be bailed out from the consequences of their bad decisions.

And the whole rigged system is playing out brazenly in our faces. So there is no question these things are going on.

Check out this conversation:

Charles Payne, an economist for Fox News, explained the current bank crisis as bankers being “Drunk on unlimited and power.”

Yet- the people of East Palestine are getting no attention at all. They represent the plight of the average American who is not connected to the political insiders who get favor and cash. Ohio Senator JD Vance has been speaking out about how the people in his state are treated.

On Monday, Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro talked about precisely who is causing the problems- an out-of-control government and who is expected to clean up the country’s messy issues caused by the out-of-control government- Trump supporters.

There are no longer any nuances about how Biden feels about Americans and our country. He feels nothing, which is precisely what Democrats demanded from our civil servants in the White House.

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