Kari Lake Attorney Bryan Blehm Faces AZ Bar After ‘Schooling’ Activist Judge About Ballot Signatures, Lake Won’t Back Down

Because Attorney Bryan Blehm cares about the original intent of the American Republic, the division of powers, and the integrity of US elections.

So it makes sense in this day and age that people who support a power grab to change our form of government to something altogether different than a Republic are on the attack against Blehm, threatening to have him disbarred, according to an email that Blehm forwarded to media.

While a video appears to be the excuse for the complaint against him, the real issue might be his work to fix elections. Of course, calling the government powers the “Deep State” may have been a bridge too far for the power-hungry civil servants in Arizona. (This article contains the author’s opinion- which may be salty.)


Watch this courageous video:


The video is powerful. However, Blehm may be facing retribution over his work on an election case, representing the then-Republican candidate for Governor of AZ, which is ongoing:

Blehm is most notable to the public for being Kari Lake’s attorney. Blehm, in his closing arguments in Lake’s recent lawsuit over Lake’s right to look at Maricopa County ballot affidavit signatures, was described by Lake supporters as “schooling the Napolitano-appointed judge on why signatures do not require the high level of privacy that birthdates do.”

The signatures are a massive point of interest for the people of Arizona.

In that case, where the judge is seen mainly as trying to make the case that signatures on ballots should be confidential, Blehm destroyed the judge’s ideas- claiming that people provide signatures publicly everywhere all the time, from dropping their ballot envelopes in the mail with the signature showing on the envelope to recording deeds to signing candidate petitions to signing credit card receipts at restaurants to signing high school annuals.

So, that may be the real origins of the punishment at the Bar Association, as described in the following letter. Blehm is informed that there is an investigation against him, and that is suspicious:

The initial charge, Blehm says, is the following social media post:

Here is Blehm’s response to the Bar, where he slams the system that would try to curtail his freedom of speech on essential and historic issues.

“The fact that I must atone for a public policy tweet aimed at raising awareness with respect to the proper role of our judicial system as an apolitical body may be evidence enough to show that the SBA behaves in a politicized manner. Is this the continued result of the disinformation board? After all, Arizona’s
disinformation board was brought into existence as a result of a campaign focused on Russian interference in the 2016 election originating from a national intelligence apparatus. Given the timing of events, its focus was clearly on the outcome of the 2020 election and not the election itself. Shortly after that, an Arizona attorney was elected as Maricopa County Recorder. He immediately joined the anti-free speech crusade joining with CISA to suppress claims of election fraud being made by Arizona residents,” Blehm wrote in response to the Bar’s letter.


For some more context, Blehm, in the above video, said he is not happy about the transfer of power away from the American people. He has written the same point of view numerous times on his social media.

“Isn’t it interesting that Democrats are actively working to jail their political opposition and disbar their legal opposition? Doesn’t that sound much like what happened in the USSR when the Communists seized power? Doesn’t it sound a lot like what happened in Venezuela after the communists took power? Doesn’t it sound a lot like what happened in Cuba after the Communists took power? You can look at every authoritarian government in history and see that the first things they do are to jail their political opponents and disbar their legal opposition. America, you are in the early stages of becoming an authoritarian nation. Wake up!” Blehm wrote on his social media this week.


After seeing the intense pressure mounting on Blehm from the power structure in Arizona for daring to question the radical transformation of the US Government, many people in Lake’s position would ‘cut bait and run’ away from Blehm after the direct threats he is taking. However, Lake says she refuses to give in to Judicial activism, and she is standing by Blehm and saying, “I will represent myself before I drop the case.” Lake says she will not lay down over the threats to her attorney.

Frontline America also proudly stands with Kari Lake and Bryan Blehm in their warrior stand for the American people.

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