‘Migrants’ Fresh From Border Travel in DHS Buses, Deeper into the USA [VIDEO]

Arizona is being overrun, and most civil servants in DC know this and are not doing anything to stop the situation. Reports online are that the immigration crisis is escalating out of control and is expected to be building as more and more people from around the world make their way to the unprotected borders of the United States and then are transported by the US Government to their destination, sometimes deep into the countryside.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent from Real America’s Voice, has been exposing the coordination from the US Government for years and posted footage of Homeland Security Busses carrying people from the Processing Center on his way to the Airport in the area.

Posts like these, showing the massive scale of invasion into our country, are not uncommon:

Tuscon Airport is the scene where illegal aliens, fresh off of their journey into the United States over the border in Tuscon, are taken by free bus ride to the airport. Ben Bergquam got some footage recently of how the process takes people deep into the United States of America by plane, as uncovered by independent reporters who have discovered the hidden plan for transportation of people who should not be in the country- except for Democrat Joe Biden and his administration making way for them.

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See more of Bergquam’s footage of the problems at the Southern Border:



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