Kari Lake Trial: ‘They Were Jumping Around and Objecting to Lake’s Evidence!’ Bergquam’s Eyewitness Report [See The Testimony]

Ben Bergquam was in the courthouse on Wednesday covering the trial of Kari Lake’s lawsuit and what he saw is something the mainstream media will not want people to know about from the testimony of a cyber expert.

Bergquam appeared on Real America’s Voice to talk about the details of what he saw and heard.

 “I’m sitting in there, you know, I’m not an attorney, and the seats aren’t very comfortable but if you’ve ever been in a courtroom, you know it can be pretty boring. I’d say this last hour of testimony, you could see the defense team, their whole team was jumping around.

And up until that point they didn’t seem very concerned and then it was objection after objection after objection. They did not want the Clay Parikh’s testimony entered into the evidence so that you could see there was definitely some concern.

Makes sense- remember:

Here is that testimony:


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