Ready for Court Today! Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Targets Voting System, not Dem Voters, Over 100 People Worked on Complaint, Left Freaks out

Republican Kari Lake spoke to some independent media on Friday after her legal team filed a lawsuit trashing Arizona’s erratic and suspicious November 2022 elections. Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and the founder of Frontline America, was in attendance and reported on the lawsuit and the press conference. And the left has freaked out over his coverage.

Bergquam asked what steps were going to be taken to get judges to consider the fraud after so many attempts had been dismissed and ignored in the past. Kurt Olsen, Lake’s attorney, answered.

“This should be a fast-moving process. Under the statute, we are supposed to have a trial in ten days. The court could delay that, but they are limited in how to keep pushing things off. So it is a streamlined process, and that is why we put our evidence up front. Everything we put forward is backed up with admissible evidence. So we could go to the trail tomorrow, and that is unusual to bring a case together like that so fast. We had almost 100 people involved, and that doesn’t include witnesses who came in on their own with experiences with Maricopa, who said that they were fed up and wanted something to change. So there were a lot of people putting in tremendous amounts of work to put that complaint together; they are all heroes.”

Lake added to that:

“The courage our attorneys are showing puts these people up there with our founding fathers. To step forward like they are, and I can not say enough good things about them. Of course, the mainstream media will try to hurt them and their ability to do their work,” Lake said, adding, “but they feel this is the most important case of their lifetimes.”

Clearly, the lawsuit isn’t just about Lake securing the governorship, it is about restoring transparency and stability in the election system for the future of American, and the people involved are taking American founding principles very seriously.

But does everyone in America agree on the same principles or the value of US citizenship in the first place?

“I have asked people in the past if they find it ok that tens of thousands of ballots do not have verified signatures. Do they want those kinds of elections? And I have asked them what is acceptable and if you find it semi-acceptable, shouldn’t it go to the curator department?” Lake asked, reminding reporters that the lawsuit is not a left or right issue but meant to settle the issue of how to make elections trustworthy again.

Olsen chimed in, reminding reporters that the issue as the team sees it is not Democrat voters versus Republican voters,but they all agree that the system is broken, adding that the broken system is what gives an advantage to powerful people who don’t represent any voters at all.

“It is not the people who are waking up and deciding how to commit fraud on all of these ballots. There is a systemic problem here behind the fraud and with the people who are manipulating the system because the ultimate power is to put in place officials who will be beholden to an agenda,” Olsen said, adding, “And it is not an agenda that either Democrats or Republicans want, if you think about who likes to pay high gas prices, for example.”

So who could be so angry about getting some transparency in the election system? The administrative state- the left, that’s who.

And the left has gone entirely apoplectic over Lake, her legal team, and independent journalists exposing that fact- with the lawsuit that Lake filed suing Katie Hobbs and other AZ election officials. So the question is why the Marxist left has had such an emotional and over the top- hateful, and panicked reaction to a normal legal process, especially if they believe their own press- that there is no way Lake could win or prove any fraud happened. What are they so afraid of, then?

Why the anger and death threat-y kind of posts?

See Frontline America’s coverage of the filing here for what the left is freaking out about:

The reactions from the left to the news of the lawsuit is shocking.

Why would these ‘liberals’ be so bombastic and angry over the idea of people securing a transparent government in elections?

Think about it- Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on the rights of the individual, liberty, consent of the governed, political equality and equality before the law.

Do they not want ‘consent of the governed’?

Don’t the left love equality? Listen to what Kari Lake is saying in her own words about the right of Americans to vote and have their vote counted and respected by the government.

Or is there a third group of people who are pushing for government domination?

This is Lake, speaking at Friday night’s press call:

“Some many people fight for mail-in ballots, and that is an area of genuine concern for fraud. If we are going to have mail-votes, then we need to have security measures in place, and those measures need to be followed with the utmost structure and diligence, and they are not doing that. The people who fight for those mail-in ballots want the process to be wide open- and sort of – who cares- take them from anybody, we don’t need to do verification- and we can’t have that, or we won’t have honest elections. “

At the press event, Lake, Olsen, and Bergqum talked about the lax security procedures to verify voter signatures on ballots which should be a concept that both Democrats and Republicans want to discuss so they know their own votes were counted. Right?

Olsen replied, ” Courts do accept witness testimony, but they do not always agree with it, but as long as it is sworn and it is credible, then they will accept it. Witness testimony has its own issues, but what doesn’t lie is when you suddenly see these two signatures put side by side, which is why we put that online in the first part of the complaint. It is stunning. So it is one thing to talk about fraud and to see it in the written word, but when you are faced with a picture of it is compelling and persuasive and what is going on right now in the county is that people are being elected – or selected sometimes- but it is not done through a free and transparent and accurate system. And those people are enacting the policies that are driving this country into the ground, and so I think that the more people who see the evidence of fraud that is irrefutable- it stares you right in the face. “

Olsen said, at the same press conference, to expect an exhibit filed on Monday showing a huge number of ballots with obvious and shocking signature problems.

Here is Frontline America’s coverage of that announcement:

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