Keeping Up With The Bergquams In Arkansas

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, and his sweet family of warriors are recovering well from a tragic accident that left wife and mom, Villy, hospitalized and recovering in a wheelchair. The family was in the process of relocating to Arkansas when the entire family was involved in a dangerous crash.

The couple has two young girls who are recovering fine. Ben experienced an injury to his foot has his foot wrapped up in thick bandages. Villy had to undergo numerous surgeries and has a broken pelvis. Their friends have been rallying behind them with supportive messages and prayers that have meant a lot to the family during this chaotic time.

Last Monday, Ben visited Villy, who had been through a series of operations and was sitting up for the first time when he went to see her that day. “Thank you all for your prayers, God is good,” Villy said. “I love her, I love her a lot. We are blessed,” Ben said, with emotion breaking across his face.

Shortly after the Bergquams, all were released and went to their new home, where Ben found care packages from Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, and then the family had a special first guest. So life was starting to get back to normal, slowly.

Ben Posted on Twitter:

“Got Momma home from the hospital and now the recovery begins”.

New My Pillow Care package lifted spirits and help make Villy comfortable.

First Guest Sabine Durden

Ben and Sabine shared a beautiful story of inspiration.

“Angel Mom Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed by an illegal alien, joined us to welcome Villy back home and help cook and playing with the girls while I tried to get some boxes unloaded. This is what it’s all about!,” Ben reported.

Please share the good news that the Bergquam family still has a long recovery ahead of them, but they are settling into their new home, and they have a support circle in their new community. The girls are feeling positive, and Ben has had his sense of humor ignited.

Girls are walking


Villy will be recovering from a broken pelvis for some time, but they took the time to enjoy a few moments of nature in their new surroundings.

God/ Family/ Country

“God bless, ‘Merica,” Bergquam said, in a fourth of July message displaying the positive attitude and love of the country he is known for.

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And Pets!

Oh! And no one forgot the pups. Even the Dogs were included.

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