Update From Ben On Accident And Status Of His Family Members

Ben Bergquam is the founder of Frontline America and he has been on an epic journey over the last two weeks to rediscover the America he loves and always defends. On a road trip from California to Arkansas, Ben and his family have had many adventures, but now sit and wait to recuperate from what Ben calls a “freak accident”.

“America is still worth saving, ” Bergquam said from his hospital bed, with his daughter beside him.

Berguam is a reporter for Real America’s Voice and frequently travels to the Southern Border of the United States to cover the incredible stories there, ones the other media refuse to cover. He brings Americans details of the humanitarian crisis there, always with powerful investigative stories.

“I could use your prayers now,” he said on the video. Ben was on his way to the Southern border when this harship hit his family.

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In the video below Bergquam updates his followers and gives them the details of his accident and the medical update of his family members.


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