Law And Border Cast Witness Drug Overdose On The Border

Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, has reported- live- on a lot of dangers and disasters caused by the dangerous Biden administration’s open border policies, but none are as horrible to talk about as when someone gets very hurt and the worst- when a person dies.

“When we saw him at first he was unresponsive, after getting a dose of Narcan he was responsive, ” Bergquam said in the video, describing the near-death encounter he witnessed a young man go through.

“First night back in Arizona shooting our next episode of “Law & Border,” and there’s an overdose in the hotel we’re staying at! *Thanks to Joe Biden’s cartel supporting open borders policies!” Bergquam posted on Twitter about what he witnessed.

Bergkamp was in Pinal County and unexpectedly witnessed a person being wheeled out of their room. After talking to first responders, Bergquam found out the victim was confirmed as a possible drug overdose.

“Fetanayl is a real problem,” the first responder, C. Fox, tells Berquam. “We are doing CPR and hoping for the best,” Fox told him, confirming that Narcan was administered to the victim, saying, “we administer that more often that we would like to that is for sure.”

“I think things are getting worse, in terms of how frequently we go to the calls. We have a lot of drugs that come through this corridor. It comes through our town, ” Fox said.

“This is what the cartel brings into America,” Bergquam said.

Watch and then share- and let people know what the disastrous policies Biden has pushed on small towns around America.

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