Lawfare Gone Wild: Roger Stone Defends Legal Political Activity With His Life And Personal Wealth

Roger Stone is an American political icon who has seen ten presidential campaigns, and Sunday he is sold off some of his iconic political memorabilia from those years of work to fend off attacks from the Marxist Federal Government and their corrupt practice of bankrupting supporters of President Donald J. Trump, called ‘Lawfare.’

Stone’s GAB timeline had the details:

Auction today at noon @ . I am forced to sell much of my rare political memorabilia and other historic items the auction goes from 12 noon to midnight join Genera Gly
m l and Pinky Lee and other dignitaries.

Key Point: Stone is the victim of one of the left’s prized tactics to destroy political opposition and dominate people with the fear of reprisals called Lawfare, which is the type of lawsuit meant to hurt innocent people using the courts or some kind of cancel culture.

Stone has been hounded, like none other before, for his active support of Trump as a private citizen- an activist. Last week Stone was called before a highly partisan US House Committee and asked about his activity as a private citizen for his legal activities on Jan 5th and 6th of 2021.

Stone invoked his 5th amendment rights to not answer, and he made a statement after that hearing and wrote that the US House Committee could “kiss his ass,” but in the highly polished wordsmithing Stone is well known for:


“Pence had total disrespect for politics, and the process,” Stone, a long-time active participant in the American political process, told Santilli’s audience.

Even though Stone started his political career at 12 years old, when volunteering for the 1964 Barry Goldwater presidential campaign and would have made a great campaign associate for Trump,  Stone insists he was not on the payroll of the Trump campaign- in any of his support of Trump, he was acting as a volunteer.

Stone has made clear that he was not a part of the 2016 Presidential campaign team, because as Stone has repeated over and over, “Trump is his own man. He ran his campaign from his gut, from his own instincts.” Nevertheless, the Federal Government persists in persecuting Stone- and at the very least making him pay as much as they can get from him to destroy his life.


On Sunday, on the Pete Santilli show where Deb Jordan and Santilli hosted an auction of some of Stone’s political memorabilia, Stone appeared as a guest and talked about the “17 frivolous lawsuits” that he has faced since the election of his friend, President Donald J. Trump.

“Of the 17 civil Lawsuits have been brought against me by crackpots, nutjobs, Democrat groups that have cost me half a million dollars.  And I am broke.  I have 6 lawsuits left including a civil lawsuit by Biden and his DOJ for what they call underreported assets from 2007,” Stone told Santilli.

“The Government is subverting Democracy, they are punishing people for legally protected speech and activism, and I am not going to lie about President Trump to make them stop coming after me. They can kiss my ass,” Stone said in is icon defiant way.

As Santilli pointed on at the auction before the election Stone was highly sought after for his expert political commentary.  He had a significant following on social media to market his books and other work, but that has all been stripped from him by an out-of-control alliance between “Big Tech and DC” to squelch people like Stone.

The government has bankrupted Stone in a fantasy that they will get Stone to ‘roll’ on Trump and deliver Trump’s political opponents a bullseye attack on Trump because Stone has been a long time and obvious close associate and political influence -of sorts- to Trump.

But Stone refuses to play their games, preferring to live according to his own standards.

That is why he is being harassed in a US House Committee on January 6th that Stone calls Witch Hunt 3.0 Stone- just this week invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, and the left flew into a jealous rage about it.

And Stone’s activism has been pivotal in American politics.

At the auction, I bought the following bumper sticker because I want to tell the story of the 12-year-old volunteer who got into the Republican Party and figured out the system.  He ran as a delegate and then grew to advise presidents. That is the American story of activism, and Stone’s story shows us exactly why we need to protect what he does- and what he is known for- grassroots activism.


“That bumper sticker represents the only time my name was on the ballot,” Stone said about the “Stone For Delegate” bumper sticker for sale at the Santillil auction that I purchased.

Stone, whose name has only been on a ballot decades ago for party delegate, has been eviscerated by the combined power of the US Government, the US “regime” media, and all of the alphabet agencies he rightfully identifies as the “personal Gestapo oGestapoNew World Order.”  Anyone who witnessed how Stone was “frog marched” out of his home by highly armed law enforcement knows Stone has put his life on the line to protect political activism.

Yet he lives on. Stone is an icon.

And the combined left is out for blood, attacking Stone with every means at their disposal from the Judicial system to the media. And now Stone has to sell his belongings to pay bills.

If it can happen to Roger Stone, it can happen to any of us.

If you are interested in learning more about Roger Stone and contributing to his family fund, his legal fund, or purchasing his books, check him out at the following places:

American Political Icon, Born-again, New York Times Bestselling Author, Trump-loyalist, veteran GOP operative, libertarian conservative. Visit



And notice that Stone, no matter what is happening to him- uses his platform to direct assistance to others.

Recent message from Stone:

If you really want to know what happened on January 6 go here
Hopefully, other activists will notice that and send some assistance his way now.

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