Lindell Gets Last Laugh: Bed Bath and Beyond Closes Up More Shops After Break Up With Popular ‘My Pillow’

It is cliche at this point to say “Go Woke, Go Broke,” everyone knows it is true by now- and it is important to understand how it works.  It’s sort of like a shake-down operation- and here is an example of how the propaganda media assists the left’s cancel culture, how they misbrand a company for failed political messaging-  to the detriment of real business, and people’s employment.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” from a Political Creed;: Embracing Some Ascertained Truths in Sociology and Politics…. remember that while reading this. 

Key Point: While the left hypes Twitter and defames My Pillow- Twitter, whose stock is down 30% in 6 months, is losing money, and My Pillow is making money.  While the left hypes Bed Bath and Beyond, and smashes My Pillow, Bed Bath and Beyond is losing money and My Pillow is making money.

So who is the one getting a good night’s sleep? Is it that hard for the media to figure out?

Even with the combined full weight of the propaganda/regime/mainstream media, BIG Tech, and political activists working to assist Bed Bath and Beyond and damage My Pillow- one of those businesses is actually going under.

And it is not who the left says it is.

Recognize when Big Tech is behind an idea and uses its access to algorithms to influence public opinions- such as searching for My Pillow- Google autogenerates or predicts- that a user is looking for many examples of the demise of My Pillow:


Compared to Bed Bath and Beyond, who Google predicts is looking for “stores near me” and hours of operation- who are actually losing business and forced to close up stores:


Recall, in 2021, when CNN  Business reported that Bed Bath and Beyond had stopped selling My Pillow products after the pressure received from leftist Cancel Culture mobs- to discontinue their association with Mike Lindell because of Lindell’s support of President Donald J. Trump.

In their reporting, CNN took the opportunity of highlighting Bed Bath and Beyond’s business decisions to stop selling a handful of products, at the time, to insert their anti-Trump propaganda about Lindell.

And it seems that Bed Bath and Beyond never recovered or tried to recover from the political messaging that CNN put on their product. Ben Bath and Beyond was branded as Anti-Trump, anti-America First, and anti–Republican.

CNN saw that as a winning strategy for Bed Bath and Beyond and harmful to My Pillow.

Nevertheless, while My Pillow business has surged ahead- Bed Bath and Beyond has collapsed.


The Epoch Times reported on Bed Bath and Beyond’s  recent sore closing announcement: 

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), the home goods retailer, announced on Jan. 7 that it is kicking off 2022 by permanently closing 37 stores in 19 states across the United States by the end of February.

The store closings are part of a plan that it announced back in 2020 to shut 200 redundant locations over the next two years as part of a broader turnaround effort after several years of declining sales.

The retailer previously closed a round of stores in February 2021 and February 2020.

The home goods retailer said it has closed roughly 170 locations thus far and is still on track to hit its 200-store goal by year’s end.

Liquidation sales have already begun at the 37 locations, which account for 21 percent of the remaining Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

In this latest round of store closures, New York will lose seven stores, California will close five, and Washington, four.

Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas will lose two stores apiece.

Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and West Virginia are losing one store each.

The retailer will remodel its remaining locations to reduce clutter with brighter signage and new brands.

BBBY reported its fiscal third-quarter results on Jan. 6, which closed the day up nearly 8 percent after diving 9 percent in premarket trading.

The company’s shares have been down about 31 percent over the past 12 months.

Mark Tritton, CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond, spoke with CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Jan. 6 about his company’s disappointing quarterly results.

Tritton admitted that BBBY lost about $100 million in sales during the third quarter due to COVID-related inventory and supply-chain issues.


Business Insider, another left-leaning propaganda outlet, reported on the Culture Cancel mob tactics in April of 2021 and admitted that My Pillow would not be harmed in the end but the left persisted anyway.

“In the space of just a few months, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been blocked from Twittersued by voting-machine company Dominion, and cut off by Newsmax after he spread baseless voter-fraud conspiracy theories.

His comments have hit his business, too. MyPillow’s Twitter account has also been suspended, and Lindell has said that 22 retailers have stopped selling its products, which he expects will cost the company around $65 million in lost revenue this year.

More than 100,000 people have also signed a petition calling on other retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, to pull ties with MyPillow.

But the company might actually be able to capitalize off the bad press around Lindell, marketing experts told Insider.”


“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Gabriel Manigault said. 

Lindell has suffered no setbacks that we can see, nor has his company. The idea of the left making him an underdog- AND not personally liking him- has to have helped his business and all of the business he supports, because the left is a tiny little annoying minority in the country- and political polls and indicators are that far more people are sick of the left- than are sick of Lindell’s awesome sheets, blankets, and other products.

It is pretty obvious. And it is not the first victory over the left Lindell has had.

For more reading on the left’s epic losses read this- Going down a rabbithole:

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