Live Coverage: ‘Cartel Control the Borders So People Pay With Money Or With Their Lives To Cross And Democrats Support That’

Ben Bergquam the founder of Frontline America took his viewers to Nogales Arizona to a border town to show the homes and small communities who were impacted by Democrat Joe Biden’s open border policies. Bergquam is a reporter for Real America’s Voice and a frequent guest on The Wardroom Pandemic with Steve Bannon, to talk about his investigative reports.

“I want to take you to the end of the wall,” Bergquam said.

“Where the wire is pushed down is where they are crossing over this fence. Because of Biden that the Border Patrol can’t do anything even when they see them up there cutting the wire,” Bergquam said.

“The Cartel controls this area, so we know that everyone who crosses pays with money, or with their lives as drug traffickers’ of by putting a bounty on family members, and that is what the Democrats are supporting. Everyone has to support the Cartels,” Bergquam said.

“All of these leftists and Democrats and Kamala Harris, which is a slap in the face because all she did in California was undermine our border. All of this stuff that we see, everything we see from the propaganda media and the Democrat groups who are profiting from this, is a lie about what is happening,” he said.

Bergquam took a tour of the area walking around the hilly terrain pointing out things he knows from border patrol, who are under a gag order so they have to talk off the record.

“There is a heavy narco- drug presence in this area, working with the cartels. Your senses are heightened,” Bergquam said, talking about his spiritual discernment, which he feels directs him along the way while filming.

“I have heard reports that here in Cochise County may have some police that has been compromised. The Cartel offers money and threatens their family members if they don’t comply. If that cancer takes hold, and that has been taken hold here in the United States and they are emboldened by the left with their open borders policies,” Bergquam said.

“There are leftists groups who have different locations around the border to provide illegals water, backpacks, hygiene items. We have it on video aided and abetting drug cartels,” he said.

“Tune in tomorrow we are going to track down some stuff to show you about these leftist groups,” he said.


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“The Democrats are doing this. This is extortion. Anyone who is for open borders is helping the drug cartels and politicians know it,” Bergquam said.

Watch Ben Bergquam call the Democrats out for what he has called the crimes of our generation:

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