‘Look To The Father For How To Do Warfare’, Prayer From Trump’s OH Rally

President Donald J. Trump appeared in Youngstown, Ohio for a rousing rally to encourage voters to get out in the midterm election in November to support his America First candidates.

The rally was started off with a prayer by Jeffrey Green, pastor of Touch, Heaven Church, which was well received.

Good evening, everybody. God bless you. I know you’ve already been praying already but we’re going to pray together to start this great- great rally off.

Gracious God, our Father, we come humbly before you today, recognizing that you are God and there is none other beside you. You said that when good men remain silent evil men will prevail.

We repent, oh God. For those of us who might have been little silent and allowed some very evil intention to men to prevail against our nation, against our families, our children and against you, the Church Father, these men seek the confuse our children on gender pit us against each other by race. They also have cursed our nation with open borders where enemies are now able to come in and destroy with drugs. 

Devices of all sorts of immorality. But You O Lord, are a shield and buckler, we look to you to show us how to do warfare for you said, Father, in your word, not by power, not by might, but by your spirit, saith the Lord. We come to you tonight on this historic and momentous occasion of the, let’s Save America rally to ask for your wisdom and your guidance and direction to reclaim this nation that’s was once dedicated to you.

We declare today and say we claim it back. In the name of Jesus, the nation has been the foremost propagator of the Gospel, the kingdom message throughout the world. 

Not the route. This Lord has two hours late. The day is dark. Shared your light on us. We, your people that we might, once again be the nation that stands for righteousness. The city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Like any Nation, we have not always done what was right. But we lifted up our faces and our voices to you, God, and you raised up a standard against that, which was it. As we seek your face now, a Lord help us to rise to this battle, for the soul of this nation, depending only on your love and power to overcome. We cannot do it by our strength, but by yours, but all things to be done by your spirit, Our God, you’re worth says, if my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways. 

Then you will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. Lord, we have been turning away. From anything that’s not like you. And we pray, Lord, Heal our land, lord heal our land that you are joining the upon this rally in, in the speakers and in the movement of stands for in the days to come, we will stand for. They know for they didn’t know their God shall do mightily and do exploits.

We pray these things in the name of the father and the son, the Holy Spirit, which is all in total. The name of The name, which is above all names and everybody said, amen.

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