Matt Gaetz Blasts CNN”.They Are The Enemy” So Watch Real Americas Voice Instead

Republican, America First-Republican from Florida, Matt Gaetz spoke to a crowd on Saturday and told the audience that far-left leading and radical CNN was “the enemy of the people”.

“They come for the fighters,” Gaetz told his Florida audience.

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Gaetz thew down on CNN and The New York Times:

“I am sure that project veritas caught them on tape when they tried to take me down, Gaetz said about a New York Times report about him, one that was heaving promoted by social media, that Gaetz said was fake news. And which interestingly enough, it did not result in the legal action the New York Times and CNN said it would. “They went after me four months ago to the day,” Gaetz told the people gathered at his campaign event.

Brave man, Gaetz.


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