‘This Can Not Go On’, Ben Bergquam Said About The Biden Border Disaster [VIDEOS]

Ben Bergquam is one of the only high-level investigative reporters who is reporting live on the southern border, conducting real investigations into the crisis that is unfolding while migrants from all over the world are pouring into the United States, uncontrolled and untested.

Ben Berguqm is a regular contributor to Real Americas Voice. Download the Real Americas Voice Ap to follow Berquam’s daily reports. He is also a regular guest on The War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon, seen on Real Americas Voice M-F 10-12 EST and 5 PM EST and Saturday 10-12 AM EST.

“Update From Del Rio Texas. It’s time to start shouting from the mountaintops! This cannot go on! The #BidenBorderDisaster must stop! @RealAmVoice, ” Berquam posted on Friday.

Bergquam was the only reporter who found and exposed that migrants in the country illegally have received documentation to be in the country unsupervised and allowed to stay without any investigation into what they are doing.

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Berquam uncovered people literally ripping up their documents and just walking into the country in a recent video. This is especially alarming as the country faces new restrictions over the COVID virus.


Bergquam proves that Biden and his administration is allowing a disaster to happen at the border, and he couragelousy called the policies out that need to be changed  immediately.


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