Music to MAGA’s Ears, Trump Will Defang Usurpers on Day One, You Can be a Change Agent- Here is How

Kash Patel, the author of a soon-to-be-released book titled Government Ganstas, outlines the very real plans to deconstruct what Steve Bannon of the War Room has coined- ‘The Administrative State’ meaning the government workers who do not want to give up their cushy jobs.

Bannon and Patel talked about a plan to displace the corrupt civil servants and get them out of Washinton DC- and that will be music to the ears of the MAGA Deplorables- who have had all they can take of the massive grift and treasonous con in the nation’s capital.

The Usurpers in DC are miserable at the idea of President Donald J. Trump getting back into power- because they know that their gravy train is about to come to a jolting and crashing end.

And Trump is not trying to hide what he has planned to transform Washinton to better reflect the American people.

Patel told Bannon that he has a plan that will go into effect moments after Trump is sworn into office as the 47th President; they are not going to wait.

In fact, the plan to replace the civil servants who are not serving the purpose of the US Government is already kicking into gear by collecting interested people to take over positions.

Paul Dans also appeared with Bannon on Saturday to talk about There, Dans is building an army of Patriots to fill in and run the government after the corrupt are run out of town.

This is where the Populist Movement is going to change the world for the better – by replacing the people who got us into this mess.



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