NDAA: The Senate and House Delivered a Sword for the Deep State to Slay MAGA- Don’t Forget Who Did It

A massive bill passed on Thursday meant to fund the defense of the United States but gave goodies and prizes to many people who want to destroy the Republic.

Clay Higgins tried to push back against an out-of-control Federal government that appeared to be ruling with an iron fist without the consent of the governed. This week’s passage of the NDAA bill, which funds a war that does not involve the US and which Americans do not care about- also snuck in provisions for the government to spy on the people who do not support them.

First, there was talk of not passing Thursday’s NDAA bill by US Rep. Clay Higgins:

Higgins is not hiding his anger at the usurpation of our Republican any longer, according to statements he made to Laura Logan this week:

And the collaboration between patriots, independent media and Patriot lawmakers is something that is growing into a powerful force that the deep state seems to be in a panic about, even though the good guys didn’t win this most recent battle.

The propaganda to drive fear to the American people about the deep state slayer, President Donald J. Trump, is escalating:

“As much as they want to say that Trump is going to be a dictator, it is Trump and MAGA who are the people that are fighting to make sure that we cannot surveil American citizens,” Steve Bannon has said repeatedly on the War Room program over the last few weeks.

And the sides are being drawn and can be seen over this NDAA bill passage.

Bannon was ringing the “danger bell” about the same NDAA bill while altering Americans about a dangerous reauthorization of a program called 702, meant to collect information on foreign terrorists used currently to spy on the American people who are political opponents of the “deep state.”

Regardless of Bannon’s warnings and Higgins’s attempt to push the bill off, DC passed the bill. US Rep. Tim Burchett updated Americans about the disaster of passing the NDAA bill, which passed the spying program as well:

MAGA and the Capitol were warned ahead of the betraying vote.

For almost two weeks, there were loud warnings for people to take notice: “This is the Deep State,” Bannon said to Kash Patel, the author of Government Gangsters, while discussing Thursday’s vote on Capitol Hill.

Patel has cred: He served as- National Security Council official, senior advisor to the acting Director of National Intelligence, and chief of staff to the acting United States secretary of defense during the Trump presidency

Both Bannon and Patel agreed that gave away more American wealth, as Burchett noted, and also killed more of our freedoms and liberties.

Patel brought up the opposition of passing NDAA with the 702 re-authorization from Ric Granell, Director of National Intelligence in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in 2020, as well.

MAGA is being spied upon, and everyone knows it now. The little prizes and treasures slipped into a massive spending bill.

We know from the War Room organizing that US House Speaker Mike Johnson, who pretends to care about these things- was informed of the danger. He chose to hang out with former speaker- usurper Paul Ryan instead of listening to the pleas of abused Americans about the dangers of spying that were in his approved bill.

Consider this statement, posted on Truth Social, from @grenell and @Kash on re-authorizing FISA 702 in the passage of the NDAA bill:

“Chris Wray has already been caught illegally using foreign surveillance against 100Ks Americans; if Speaker Johnson permits a clean reauthorization until April 2024, the FISA court will give Wray and Garland the ability to continue their unlawful weaponization of justice to manhunt America First supporter through the next election- don’t be swamp stupid. The FISA court allowed Russia Gate; we caught them, don’t trust the Swamp. STAND UP.”

But of course, as Patel pointed out, our civil servants didn’t do their homework and refused to listen to the American people about our concerns; after this interview between Bannon and Patel, the bill was passed.

However, this is an essential interview to bookmark- to see who is fighting for us:

“As a former chief of staff at DOD, we should fund our defense department. But we should not do it because of unconstitutional unlawful surveillance authorities for Americans.

FISA has been abused by Chris Rea 274,000 times against America’s first patriots. He got caught, and they want to clean reauthorization, which means they want approval to do it again for another year.

And because the members in Congress didn’t do their homework, didn’t put in the rules and the fixes that Devin Nunez and I did five years ago from Russiagate. They waited till the last minute, and they’re trying to jam this reauthorization into the NDAA.

And it’s unacceptable. Ric Grinnell and I put a statement out that this thing should go dark for seven days so Congress can work and implement the fixes needed so Americans don’t suffer a rigged election because of unlawful FISA authority abuses by Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland.

It’s simple. Mike Lee and Rand Paul on the Senate side are leading the charge we can still fund the Defense Department and removed from the NDAA the 702 FISA bill, it must be pulled out.

There is not enough of a fix. It will allow Americans to be abused for another year in terms of illegal searches and seizures from a secret court that they won’t even find out about until after the next election is rigged.”


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