Opinion: Garland Must Recuse From Anything To Do With Clinton

According to court documents, John Durham is talking about several crimes involving Hillary R. Clinton in what is likely the most significant political corruption scandal of our lifetimes. Attorney General Merrick Garland, the US  Attorney General, has numerous conflicts of interest, which should cause him to recuse himself of anything to do with Clinton and the Russiagate spying scandal.

Key Point: There are too many ties between Garland and the group of people who have allegedly betrayed the American people for him to be able to gain the public trust in sorting out what appears to be a long string of comes against the United States of America.

Garland must recuse.

The first ethical concern is that Democrat Jake Sullivan’s wife works for Garland.  Sullivan is the National Security Advisor to Biden, and what we have – according to what Durham has uncovered is a massive national security concern involving many Democrats- including Biden.

The second ethical concern is more complex.  As Durham uncovered in his filings, according to Catherine Herridge, there are more charges than simply Hillary Clinton.  Some people speculate that Biden himself is involved, and that certainly causes a profound conflict of interest.

Thirdly, Garland is connected to Clinton, and according to the Media, Clinton will be running against for President- so the promise of a powerful lifetime appointment is a conflict of interest- right?

According to the Department of the Interior, here is an example of times when recusal is appropriate:  when a conflict of interest exists between an employee’s job duties and financial interests (including interests in future employment) or certain business or personal relationships or outside activities.

Here is Clinton talking about the promise to nominate the same Merrick Garland to the US Supreme Court if she is elected.

Further evidence shows Clinton was on the ‘Garland train”:

Clinton on Merrick Garland according to Ballotpedia:
In a radio interview that aired on September 15, 2016, on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Hillary Clinton did not rule out renominating Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court. She said that she would “look broadly and widely for people who represent the diversity of our country” if she had the opportunity to make “any” Supreme Court nominations. Clinton also said that she would not ask President Obama to withdraw Merrick Garland’s nomination. Clinton said, “I think we should stick with one president at a time.” She continued, “I’m going to let this president serve out his term with distinction and make the decisions that he thinks are right for the country.”[5]
On March 28, 2016, Clinton gave a speech in Madison, Wisconsin, in which she called on Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to “do his job” and schedule committee hearings for Judge Merrick Garland.[6][7]
On March 16, 2016, Clinton released a statement on the nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the United States Supreme Court.

Here is a Reuters article saying that Clinton would offer Garland the powerful lifetime appointment on SCOTUS.

Media personalities bragged about Clinton’s support of Garland:

Merrick Garland is the one who would now determine if Clinton faces charges for the crimes that Durham has uncovered.

Attorney Generals of the United States have recused themselves at least 15 times since 1989. The information HERE cites those instances and states the causes for the recusals if the utilized sources provided causes. Additionally, while this list is not definitive, it demonstrates that Attorneys General have recused themselves for a multitude of reasons over the last few decades.

Understanding The Threat had an excellent piece on the merits of the case against Clinton, according to Durham:

Court filings made by Special Prosecutor John Durham on January 25th and February 11th related to his ongoing investigation into President Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia continue to turn the investigation towards Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, senior U.S. intelligence professionals, the Democrat National Committee, and other high ranking democrats.

Monday, the former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe publicly stated “quite a few more indictments” are forthcoming in this case.

Facts in Evidence

  • Two months prior to the Presidential election, attorney Michael Sussmann spoke with the FBI’s General Counsel at FBI Headquarters to “alert” the FBI that Donald Trump “colluded” with Russia’s Alfa Bank, Russian oligarchs, and others to help Mr. Trump win the 2016 election
  • Sussmann was indicted for lying to the FBI about the nature of his involvement in this matter. He claimed he was acting alone as a citizen when, according to Durham’s latest report, Sussmann was an operative of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, tech executive Rodney Joffe, and Joffe’s company.
  • FBI and Special Counsel investigations discovered no evidence to support Sussmann’s “collusion” allegations.
  • Information supporting the false “collusion” claim is contained in the Steele dossier, created by former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who was commissioned by Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS was paid by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.
  • Christopher Steele’s main source for his dossier is Igor Danchenko, who was indicted in November 2021 on 5 counts of lying to the FBI about the sources of his information.
  • The information in the Steele dossier was used to build FISA Applications used to gain FISA warrants to electronically surveil the President of the United States, his family, and his staff.
  • In June 2021, former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith pled guilty to falsifying a document used to obtain FISA surveillance on Mr. Trump’s foreign policy advisor Carter Page.
  • Durham’s report reveals this plan to smear Donald Trump was briefed by Hillary Clinton to U.S. Intelligence Community officials, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and other senior administration officials.

In this case we have a U.S. Presidential candidate – Hillary Clinton – initiating an operation using a former Department of Justice attorney – Michael Sussmann – to intentionally discredit her opponent – Donald Trump – by paying intelligence agents, including an agent of a foreign power – former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele – to produce a fabricated “dossier” to falsely demonstrate Mr. Trump’s collusion with Russia, and the entire plan is supported by senior U.S. administration and intelligence community officials with the dutiful U.S. media regurgitating these lies as quickly as they were able.

The magnitude of this case is unprecedented in American history.

The national security implications of these revelations are apparent. The facts reveal the U.S. national security apparatus is completely corrupted, further supporting the need for a massive purge in the federal government and the need of states and local communities to take charge of their own security and way of life.

One can only imagine how American citizens who cherish the law, the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence will respond if all of the parties complicit in this coup of the President of the United States are not brought to justice.

How will U.S. federal agents who have sworn an allegiance to the U.S. Constitution respond?

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