Parents Are Afraid Of Public Schools -Homeschooling Movement Grows

Ben Bergquam- a homeschool Dad and frequent guest on the War Room, visited the Great Conventions Homeschool Gathering in Texas, and spoke with parents about why they chose to Homeschool.

The group’s website is at: Great Conventions

“We’re at the 2022, Texas, Homeschool Convention now and Vili,” Ben said, introducing his wife. ” What would you say to other homeschool moms?”

“Go to the events like this because you’ll connect with so many people and have so many tools and encouragement to keep on going,” Vili said.

“I’m blessed, by the way, if you haven’t done homeschooling, I the first day that I came home and they were doing homeschooling. I went in the room and they were praying and doing the pledge of allegiance. I started crying. I’m like, this is what it’s supposed to be about,” Ben said to his audience.

“Corey why do you why did you make the decision to home-school?” Ben asked.

“We switch the boys over to home school because no child should wake up at 6:00 in the morning, and then get off the score at 3:00. And then do do homework. And then when it was covid as well, it was bullying. It was the whole masking and, you know, kids. My kids got depressed because they didn’t get to see their friends and just the whole cult thing and waking up so early and having to do homework,” Corey said.

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