POLLING BONAZA! Trump Crushes Opponents, Communist ‘Sugar Daddies’ are Funding RINO ‘Never Trupmers’

The more people try to put him in a cage, the higher his ratings go, and this week was a very good week for Donald J. Trump, as he played the media perfectly and as “every poll is showing President Trump more than doubling up the new pretender,” according to Boris Epshteyn.

On Friday’s War Room, Steve Bannon and Epshteyn discussed the escalation of Trump’s popularity among voters. Bannon also hosted pollster Richard Baris, who talked about other exciting numbers..

The numbers look like the RINOS are struggling to push Trump, and his movement out of the Republican Party, and the big funders should be questioning their investments about now.

“If you do not bring 100% of Trump’s voters with you, you have no chance of winning,” Bannon said, which is a crushing blow to the RINOS who are digging everywhere for control of the Party.

Democrats are in a bind too.

“Trump is up 4 points over Biden,” Bannon said, based on polling by Baris, who talked about what Bannon was most interested in the “Trump or Bust” vote, which was 14 % of Trump’s base.

Baris said that based on his research, that is who will not vote for anyone else but Trump, which means that the RINOS are going to hava tough time running against him :

Bannon pointed out numerous times that even left-leaning CNN discussions were focused on Trump’s solid base of Americans who make under $50,000 a year, which Bannon said is “a majority of the Republican voters.”

“He’s got a 32-point lead over Ron DeSantis, ” Bannon said. That is huge.

Epshteyn slammed the funders and mocked their lame lawfare attempts to finally “get Trump,” who Americans see as trying to save their country.

“These hoaxes are causing a further rallying effect against the establishment, and the Chinese Communist party, which is the sugar daddy of so many of these RINO globalist donors who are trying to cook up a challenge,” Epshteyn told Bannon, adding, ” but are absolutely failing.”

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