Populism 101: Democrat Establishment Panicking over Unity Between Bernie Supporters and MAGA

Nina Turner appear on CNN and smashed the ‘neo-liberals’ who made comments that the people in East Palestine deserve to have bad water because they voted for Trump. Turner is a Democrat and a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and she angered one dude – with her comments- big time.

That dude slammed Turner in a Tweet saying that fair and equal treatment under the law is ‘MAGA’.. and actually, he is right. That is precisely what the Populist movement is about- having a fair and equal society with fair and equal opportunities for all people.

MAGA is based on America First policies, and also it is Populist by standing against the authoritarian controls of the elite’s demands over free people.

Populism is about power and money for all individuals; the opposition are Globalists, who are about power and money for elite corporations.

The supporters of Bernie Sanders and the supporters of Donald Trump actually have a lot in common- all of them are Populists- and if they unify, then the authority RINO-Democrat alliance will lose.

Because there are far more of us than there are of them.

It is that simple, and the panic about that truth is setting in.

Turner voiced her opinion about the fairness of the way the Federal government was treating people in East Palestine Oh after an environmental disaster in their community last month.

Turner is focused on the people. According to her, iSo if lousy water is terrible for Black Americans, it is also bad for White Americans. But that sounds too much like MAGA to a Democrat.

Think about that.

Check it out:

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