Pt. 1, Real Journalists Show: ‘Maduro is letting prisoners out to come to the USA’

Oscar “El Blue’ Ramirez, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, followed a violent mob of migrants as they made their way through Mexico, showing the raw thuggery of the group’s members, who broke through barriers, pushed and shoved each other and the National Gaurd and intimidated top Mexican law enforcement.

Ramirez had appeared on the War Room program on Tuesday and shown his footage- live- of migrants passing law enforcement and walking right through a security point, in Mexico, on their way to the immigration center- where the mob was expecting to get permits to continue with their migration through Mexico and finally through the open borders of the United States.


Ramirez, who recorded the actions of the mob as they continued to walk along toward the immigration center, said he had twice been injured while broadcasting that day and said that he was “praying for the officials at the immigration center to come up with solutions to solve the crisis he was seeing unfolding.”

Ramirez said that one man seemed like he was acting up for the media. “This is a National Guard, how it looks right now on this side. That is how it looks the blockage on the eastbound of the also Real News Real and truthful news. This is the National Guard how it looks right now,” he said, showing a line of National Gaurd with riot shields displayed and then stepping away.

“I’m not going to give them any camera time whatsoever. He’s taunting the National Guard, and that is why I said for a moment that I need to go,” Ramirez said into the camera. 

“This is not going to end well,” he said.

Ramirez said he was joined by six other Mexican journalists, who were risking their lives to show people the reality of that Joe Biden’s disastrous open border policies were having in Mexico.

“I would like to say something real quick,” he said, taking a moment for some personal reflection.  

“For everybody that is watching over here for some press. We are the only broadcasters here. First, I want to give a quick shout-out to my partner, field Anthony Aguero. We started doing this because both of us have families who are migrants. 

We are pro migrants also, but we are against child trafficking, human smuggling, and human trafficking. And also, we are against people being Undocumented and not having a peaceful migration. Our principles are simple. They’re straightforward for us. Everybody deserves a right to migrate. Everybody has the right to do that. We come from migrant families. We are provided every migrant with the proper process, a documented process. A peaceful process, a legal process. And also, regular and with a purpose. 

Every time I and Anthony consistently talked about that point. Also, we are against violating human rights, and we respect the Constitution of every country.

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It is also Real News, Real and truthful news,” Ramirez said.

Earlier in the day, the two had filmed and discussed the violent group:

Then as night started to fall, the two restarted their broadcast to bring an update of what was happening, and Ramirez said:

“The light of day, both end, and it will get dark. And there is no electricity here whatsoever. And if this comes to another confrontation, it will not be nice. So hopefully, it will be in peace.

Gentlemen, please, I’m praying. Let’s pray that there is no violence, and let’s pray that this comes to a peaceful agreement between the authorities of Mexico. Unfortunately, the migrants are so stubborn, and they want to keep blocking the national guard right here this week.

Enough is enough. 

As our colleague that is about to leave to a better place where they feel secure. 

Citizens are exasperated with so many migrants and so much violence. Migrants are now chanting. We want our permit. We want our perfect. We want We’ve won four tournaments, the people that they’re asking what they’re chanting set of weather champion,” Rameriz said.  

And he went on to describe the abuse the citizens in the area were taking:

The problem is that the citizens are blocked on this road. Let’s see what they are going to do. That is the next thing that let’s see what they are going to do for the citizens. They’re blocking a motorcycle right here. 

You guys can see, that they’re blocking a motorcycle. There’s they’re not letting him pass. 

And this is a violation of article 11 of the consequences of blocking Transit. 

That is the most aggravating thing, and it goes both ways because it applies to every citizen in article 11 of the Constitution It is to create safety for Mexican citizens, and migrants are prohibited. And fascinating on their own land and country. And also, the migrants cannot transfer multiple permits. So it is a huge violation of article 11. Both scenarios. 

Somebody’s asking us to help a local person to bring them some food because the town is blocked Around 10 miles from here. And it is blocked. People need to understand we’re in the middle of the Jungle. Is the road. There’s nothing surrounding us. It’s all trees, and there are little ranches. If nothing else. 

This cannot be happening,” Rameriz said before signing off to take a break.

Aguero took over the broadcast and said he could tell El Blue was not comfortable with the situation of covering the mob that night as the tension was rising in the air with nightfall coming.

“I have heard him cover a lot of situations and I know he is not comfortable right now,” Auegro said after El Blue had signed off to take a rest.

Then Aguero really said what was on his mind.

Man, kudos to him for sticking out there, and really, honestly, there’s nobody else doing the stuff that this guy’s out there doing.

I can already tell you upfront from speaking to him multiple times throughout the day to day and even from his tone of voice out there that he is not comfortable.

What is happening out there, guys- It’s a bunch of criminals.

They’re basically emptying their prisons out there and Maduro is allowing prisoners to go free under the condition that they come to the United States.

And that’s exactly what is happening. We’ve got to call it out for what it is. The migrants that were there were a bunch of military-aged males.

Ready a lot of them are actually militant. A lot of these people that are coming have police backgrounds, have a military backgrounds.

A lot of them are infiltrators that are being sent over here. I’m tired of being censored. I’m tired of not being able to come forth and just tell you guys. This is what’s really happening. And in that group of about 4,500 people, there are about 600 kids, 600 kids in which earlier today.

They have children and they start shaking the kids and start yelling at law enforcement like law enforcement is supposed to say, ‘you got a kid, go ahead and come on in’.

No, that’s not how this works. If these people really cared about these children they’d be filling out the proper paperwork.

And they would have done it back at home, done the right and proper way of coming into the United States. And when they tell me that people are coming over because they want to work, that’s a bald-faced lie.

That is a narrative that the left loves to drive and that is a lie. And I’ll explain to you really quick in two minutes.

Why it’s a lie? If these people, in fact wanted to come over here and work, they would have applied. They’re coming over here to freeload off of your country. Why do I say that? I’m gonna be blatantly honest with you guys.

They’re coming over here to freeload off of your country because of Joe Biden and his weak immigration.

This is part one of a two-part series.

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