US Rep: ‘Biden has created a Fortune 500 For Mexican Cartels For Drug And Human Smuggling’

Kamala Harris, the border Czar for Joe Biden, who hasn’t even been to the border, had an official meeting this week that she said was meant to deal with the “most important and pressing issues” of the time.

“My pronouns, are she and her and I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit'” Harris said, opening the meeting.

Harris was talking pronouns while the borders are in crisis and people are begging for help from the federal government to end what looks like a criminal invasion.

Tony Gonzoles, a Republican US House member from Texas, appeared on Fox to talk about Harris’s nutty meeting and solutions to what is happening on the border.

“It’s maddening how this Administration has just abandoned, everyone on the border, they don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to see it, you know, I just got done hosting my 12th. Border visit for Congressional members. I’ve taken over 70 members of of the conference to the border to see it firsthand. We met with border patrol agents.

We met with Sheriffs, who met ranchers, and everyday people, and sadly the crisis continues to get worse.

“Every border expert says this disaster goes away if we end catch and catch and release, and you do that with repatriation flights.

The vice president or anyone from the administration knows that if they would go there and see it firsthand, these repatriation flights are for people,” Gonzales said.

The Repatriation flight program, officially named “Interior Repatriation Program,” was the United States and Mexico government program destined to fly back Mexican citizens who had illegally crossed the frontier between the United States and Mexico to their home country for free.

“We need Biden to accept that the people that do not qualify for Asylum is over 95% of the people coming. Once that happens, this process, this immigration crisis goes away,” he said.

While the media is focused on DC talking about the economic crisis they created, The New York Times reports that human smuggling cartels are earning thirteen billion dollars a year.

” The Biden Administration has created a Fortune 500 companies by creating these Mexican cartels and what is happening. But, you know, this new processing facility was just made in Eagle Pass. It costs taxpayers. Eighteen million dollars to develop, and it’s to its twelve point three million per month to keep open.

What does that mean? There’s, there’s a reason why we’re in a recession. Is this Administration throwing money at a problem that only adds fuel to the fire?

I would say this, too though Republicans can’t just be the party of rhetoric. We have to be the party to solutions. And look, there are work shortages in every industry across the border.

Trump supporters were starting to feel secure again right now.

That’s right, his policies work. . We need to re-implement them. We also need to look at how we bring over people that want to come and work. I’m not talking about citizenship; I’m talking about work visas. Every place in America has work shortages.


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