CHICAGO: Former Dems Say Real Bloodbath is in ‘Chi-Iraq’ Over Displacing Black Americans

Black American Democrats have had enough of losing jobs, and seeing their liberties and freedoms destroyed by the Democratic Party, and they are lifting their voices up collectively, likely impacting the 2024 Presidential election. They take issue with foreign invaders being prioritized above them, displacing Black American workers, and illegal immigrants being given free rein to take over.

“This is why we need Donald Trump back in office,” Pastor David Lowery said on Monday, describing the dire hopelessness many former Democrats feel about their ambitions for the 2024 Presidential election.

Lowery went on, and told Ben Bergquam for the WarRoom program, about the problems facing Chicago’s Black Americans:

“It’s time for us to be one America. No longer can we sit back and say I’m a white American. I’m a black American. We have to be Americans right now and stand up to the tyranny that we see the Democratic Party doing in our community. You’re talking about our schools; you’re talking about pedophiles, drug cartels, drugs here; you’ve got immigrants killing people, shooting people, and intimidating.

This is not the American way of life. And I just think the American people need to stand up right now, push back, and say no more to the Democrats, say no more to those who are still in power.

And take your money, especially to black politicians in the black community across this country, who will not stand up for the black community. Because if the black politician stood up and asked him to call and ask questions why and said no, that we will not have the illegals here. If the black politician said no, we’re not going to have homosexuals and transgenders in our schools.

It’s up to the black politicians to stop this, but they haven’t. So I’m telling them black people across this country, we can no longer vote for the Democratic Party. We can no longer sit back and let them allow them to destroy our community.

We must make that change. And I’m suggesting that black people across the country watching this, that we stand up, stand up and put Donald Trump back into office, because when he was in office, we didn’t see all of this.

There was no inflation. There were no wars. There were no illegal immigrants in our country. Trump did what he needed to do to secure the borders.

And now that the Democrats are in office, our whole country has gone to hell in a handbasket. And if the American people and pages across this country, especially Christian, maybe those who said they love God and Christ if we don’t stand together, become the body of Christ and stop the evil that we see. Then we’re going to lose this country pretty much, Ben.”

Black Americans around the nation are increasingly recognizing the challenges that have emerged in their communities under the leadership of the Democratic Party. These challenges have adversely affected the lives of Black Americans. Moreover, with the influx of illegals into the United States often displacing job opportunities for Black Americans, even staunch Democrats are facing criticism from within the Black community.

What is unfolding in Chicago, the home of Jessie Jackson and powerful Civil Rights freedom movements, is absolutely historic as the ‘Windy City,” nicknamed “Chi-Iraq” for the number of dead Black men, women, and children to gang violence, wakes up to what their political leadership have allowed to happen there.

In a video capturing a woman’s lament about the injustices faced by the Black community due to ‘undocumented immigrants,’ a man asserts that her grievances are a consequence of her own decision to support Joe Biden at the polls.


And that ties in perfectly with what Ben Bergquam talked to WarRoom host, Steve Bannon, about on Monday from Chicago during his lengthy interview with a group of former Democratic men who are determined to protect their communities and advocate for change.

The following video shows the plight of Chicago citizens under the Biden administration’s policies and the influx of illegal immigrants. Various voices express frustration with politicians neglecting American citizens while prioritizing undocumented immigrants. They call for unity across races and communities to hold politicians accountable and effect change, advocating for a shift away from the Democratic Party and towards supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 elections. The conversation emphasizes the need for local action, community ownership, and solidarity to address the challenges facing American society.


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