Ready To Vote?: ‘Woke’ Leftists Like Blackrock Are Raw Capitalists And Nationalists Are Free Market Dudes

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink is being exposed for his raw, unadulterated pursuit of money and power in a scheme called ‘raw Capitalism”. What we really are seeing around the world is a battle between the well-connected Elite who want wealth and power at any cost- Versus the Working Class who want freedom and Liberty, and to make their own way in the world.

It is a global and epic fight, but the United States of America was always supposed to be about protecting the working class.  That is what President Donald J. Trump was doing, Economic Nationalism was a large part of his ‘MAGA’ agenda.

Now the government is about elevating the elite. Something has to change.

This is the perfect story to help American voters understand what they are looking for in political candidates ahead of 2022 and 2024 election cycles.  We should be looking for people who get everyone, including foreigners, off of US Government dependence-mostly because the government’s allowance of raw Capitalism is actually killing our civil rights to be protected in our pursuit of those same markets that the world’s Capitalists (Globalists) want to own.

Raw Capitalism is where the big guys have no restrains, yet- our current reality is that all the little guys have is restraints in the way of social regulations on everything we do. How did that happen?

Check out this story for some in-depth views of what the problem is that Americans are really facing:

“While the idea of stakeholder capitalism is a noble one, some critics (including in a recent New York Times essay) have pointed out how it’s become a buzzword in the world of the super-rich—a term thrown around to elevate their own status,” Fast Company reported.

Fink’s story makes sense to the wealthy 1%, and leftists love him for his point of view- but his letter is a mass rationalization for why he has access to stuff, and little Americans don’t.

‘Swampy’ Politicians created this nonsense with their power grabs and greed, most likely for access and bribes.

Read about Fink’s Profit Motive: “In today’s globally interconnected world, a company must create value for and be valued by its full range of stakeholders in order to deliver long-term value for its shareholders,” Blackrock’s Fink wrote in his yearly letter. 

Ask yourself- who is the “full range of stakeholders”?  And who is he trying to be “fair” to? If the answer is people who hate the American Republic and want access to American wealth and power- then we are in big trouble- right?

When the Government is so big to promise you everything you want for free, they are big enough to take away everything you have. Period. We have been stolen from.

If Americans care about their own quality of living- they should be looking for candidates who support our access to wealth, markets, and employment- as discussed in topics like Economic Nationalism, Free Market Enterprise, Small businesses, entrepreneurship.

But the little guy isn’t going to get access to such things as long as very wealthy powermongers on the left have access to the government to force Wokeism on us.

Wokeism is just another massive business regulation meant to keep Americans out of the economy so the big guys get all the ‘yummy’ good access for themselves.

So what if people like Blackrock’s influence was able to to force restraints of free markets, and independent Americans with social burdens of wokeism?  That is what he is being exposed as doing.

“BlackRock Investment is a company bigger than most of you can imagine. BlackRock and The Vanguard Group, together, own just about every business in America (not to mention a staggering amount of real property). It turns out that BlackRock’s CEO, a guy named Larry Fink, is another one of those limousine leftists who believes it’s his job to force leftism on America, one corporation at a time. He’s also gung-ho on China and uses the money of ordinary investors to help fund Chinese aggression. This isn’t capitalism, this oligarchy and it needs to be addressed,” Andrea Windburg wrote for the American Thinker. 


But it’s ok to run roughshod over the little Americans and use their federal government against them- right?  Because we love “Capitalism” right?

No. Wrong.  America was built on ‘Free Market Enterprise’, where average people can have their own business and powerful people have not liked that idea for a very long time.

Check this out- for some insight. This is about Entrepreneurial Capitalism.

According to their website Blackrock is rich and can make the rules:

“BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation based in New York City. Founded in 1988, initially as a risk management and fixed income institutional asset manager, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with US$10 trillion in assets under management as of January 2022.”

Fink makes the perfect explanation for the difference between “wokeism” being raw Capitalism- which is different from Free Market Enterprise- or Free Market Capitalism.

Read his letter:

Dear CEO,

Each year I make it a priority to write to you on behalf of BlackRock’s clients, who are shareholders in your company. The majority of our clients are investing to finance retirement. Their time horizons can span decades.

The financial security we seek to help our clients achieve is not created overnight. It is a long-term endeavor, and we take a long-term approach. That is why, for the past decade, I have written to you, as CEOs and Chairs of the companies our clients are invested in. I write these letters as a fiduciary for our clients who entrust us to manage their assets – to highlight the themes that I believe are vital to driving durable long-term returns and to helping them reach their goals.

When my partners and I founded BlackRock as a startup 34 years ago, I had no experience running a company. Over the past three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with countless CEOs and to learn what distinguishes truly great companies. Time and again, what they all share is that they have a clear sense of purpose; consistent values; and, crucially, they recognize the importance of engaging with and delivering for their key stakeholders. This is the foundation of stakeholder capitalism.

Stakeholder capitalism is not about politics. It is not a social or ideological agenda. It is not “woke.” It is capitalism, driven by mutually beneficial relationships between you and the employees, customers, suppliers, and communities your company relies on to prosper. This is the power of capitalism.

Read the full letter at the website- and ask yourself- why is he making excuses for pushing Wokeism on Americans? Are his client all Americans?  Is he sensitive about his wokeism because he is making his Global clients money by giving them access to our markets- while keeping us out?

IF you answered yes- to that- then you might be an American Firster.  And if shutting Americans out of making wealth and being a part of the markets, while Globalists are having all the fun, then you might be an American First Populist and THAT is what you looking for in 2022 and 2024.

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