Real America’s Voice Town Hall for Abandoned E. Palestine will give a voice to Forgotten Americans in Ohio-Incredible Citizen Movement

Real Americas Voice will host a town hall meeting, where the network’s morning shows will broadcast all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28 and 29th.

Shows can be seen at Real America’s Voice start at 6AM

John Frederick’s program released the following press statement with more details about what to expect:

Abandoned! Town Hall Meeting:
The Plight of East Palestine

Fredericks, Bannon, and Real America’s Voice Team
Up For Live Two-Day Town Hall Meeting

#GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth  #OracleOfDeplorables
EAST PALESTINE, Ohio–The residents of East Palestine, Ohio have been totally abandoned by virtually all politicians except President Trump. The fake news legacy media couldn’t care less, the governors of Ohio and Pennsylvania are nowhere to be found and the Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did a half-day photo opp. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have avoided it like the plague. 

No media from any national news network has bothered to give these suffering residents the time of day. 

Until now. 

The John Fredericks Media Network, Steve Bannon’s War Room, and Real America’s Voice have teamed up to conduct a live two-day town hall meeting.

All residents of East Palestine, Eastern Ohio, and Western PA have been invited to tell their stories live on air. We have also invited all the local officials involved. 

Town Hall Location: The Original Road House in East Palestine, Ohio

Dates and Times: March 28, 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM; March 29, 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Venue: Open To The Public 

Food And Beverages: Yes 

Media Coverage: Live – John Fredericks Show, War Room, Sunrise RAV 

We hope to see you there! 

Ben Bergquam gave Bannon’s War Room viewers a sneak peek of the area before and showed the War Room audience the stream that runs behind the location where shows will start Tuesday morning.

John Fredericks appeared on the War Room on Monday as well and told  Bannon that his production team had been in the area inviting local residents to come into the Roadhouse Inn restaurant and meet everyone and tell their stories. 

As Bergquam reminded viewers, the people of the area feel abandoned by the Biden administration who have not done anything to help the people there after a massive train derailment ended up in a tainted watershed for the community- and there was no help anywhere for them.

Frontline America covered a bombastic undercover story that had come out from reporter Benny Johnson, showing a government employee who told him that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had set up the agency to reward Democrats and ‘Blue Sates’ with resources and ignore Red States- or Trump supporters., even in the case of an emergency as experienced in East Palestine, Oh. 

Bergquam told Bannon on Monday, that even though the spill happened one month ago, the trials and tribulations of the people in the area had just begun:




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