RNC ‘Bloodbath’ Sheds Never Trumpers from Power, Now Can Reflect Republicans Better

In a significant shake-up at the Republican National Committee (RNC), a wave of layoffs and restructuring has unfolded under the new leadership of Chairman Michael Watley, with Lara Trump serving as co-chair. Described by Politico as more akin to a “bloodbath,” the move signals a dramatic overhaul of the committee’s operations.

Reports indicate that a considerable number of staffers were informed of their layoffs via internal emails, highlighting the depth of the changes being implemented by the new leadership. While transitions in leadership often bring personnel changes, the extent of these layoffs underscores the intent of the new team to revamp the committee.

According to Sean Hannity’s reporting, it was at least 60 people who were fired:

Departments across the RNC, including communications, data, and political teams, have been affected by the layoffs, with both senior staffers and vendors feeling the impact. Additionally, some consultant contracts have been revoked as part of the restructuring efforts.

The internal email from Shaun King, a senior advisor to Donald Trump, revealed that Watley is evaluating the organization and staff to align with his vision for success in the upcoming November elections.

This move suggests a strategic realignment of the RNC’s priorities to better support the goals of the party nominee, something that will be drastically different from how the RNC behaved in 2016 and 2020.

Sources familiar with the situation suggest that the Trump campaign seeks to integrate the RNC more closely into its operations, which makes sense since he is the Presidential nominee for the past three Presidential elections.

Looking to the Republican party to support the Republican nominee and getting other Republicans elected is the purpose of the party.

This newly refocused alignment indicates a concerted effort to bolster Donald Trump’s America First political agenda and advance the interests of Republican voters in the run-up to the next election.

The public can anticipate further adjustments as the RNC positions itself to play a pivotal role in supporting Trump’s political campaign, giving the 2024 election a new landscape that could finally rival the organizing capacity of the Democrats.

In an update on Tuesday, MSNBC had a meltdown over a new hire for the RNC:

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