Second Attempt To Clarify With NPR ‘Journalist’ Over False Statements Goes Unanswered

National Public Radio has a journalist making false statements about Frontline America founder and Real Americas Voice reporter, Ben Bergquam.

Last week we reported on an NPR article by author Geoff Brumfiel where he slammed Bergquam for statements Bergquam made about his recovery from an illness, which Brumfiel didn’t like. In Brumfiel’s article, he made the false claim that he had contacted Bergquam for a statement- he did not do and which he refuses to discuss.

“Geoff (@gbrumfiel) You never contacted me. Please don’t lie to your audience. If you had I would have gladly given you a statement. Please retract your comments stating that you had and then feel free to contact me if you actually are interested in what I have to say,” Bergquam wrote on Twitter.

“That is the one I used,” NPR reporter responded.

“We both work in the media and we know how easy it is to get someone’s contact if you really want to contact them. Clearly that wasn’t your intention,” Bergquam replied.

Brumfiel did not respond after that.

Also, Brumfiel made disparaging comments about Bergquam on Twitter, claiming that Bergquam was “ignoring him” rather than addressing Brumfiel’s concerns and claims about medical treatments. Except that didn’t happen either.

According to Bergquam’s timeline, there are numerous public attempts by Bergquam to Burmfeil to take Bergquam’s statements- and to correct Brumfiel’s statement that he had ever tried to contact Bergquam.

Brumfiel even responded to Bergquam on Twitter, only saying that he sent an email to Bergquam’s website address (frontline America). So we know Brumfeil looks at his tweets, responds when he wants to, and is very aware of the situation of Bergquam trying to correct the damage that Brumfiel is doing.

It is essential to understand that the representative of NPR chooses not to respond or correct his false statement.

I made a second attempt to get Brimfeil to correct his statement. And I was ignored again.

So what is the deal?

Start here:

Brumfiel and NPR have the special leftist privilege to evade fact-checkers. This story is not over yet.

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