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Standing at the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, Raheem Kassam and Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, appeared on the WarRoom program with Steve Bannon and discussed the pressing issue of illegal immigration plaguing the UK, Europe, and the United States.

Bannon set the scene, emphasizing Dover’s historical significance as a departure point for soldiers heading to war: “These views of this part of England are some of the last views that many saw before they went off to Europe and fought for their countries.”

Kassam, a native of London, highlighted the current crisis at hand, pointing to the dozens of boats arriving weekly with hundreds of illegal migrants: “We stand right in front of an area in which there are dozens and dozens of boats coming over every single week and hundreds, and hundreds of illegal migrants being brought up on shore here every single week.”

The conversation quickly drew parallels to political movements in the US, with Bergquam, host of Law and Border, noting, “It’s the same enemy. It’s the same United Nations, these globalist NGOs that are operating all over the world.” He pointed out the impact on European nations, describing a continent struggling under the weight of illegal immigration.

Discussing political disillusionment, Kassam noted, “Especially the working-class, especially that old Labour vote, who kind of can’t believe that the party of their fathers and their grandfathers have now become this globalist, pro-mass migration party.” This sentiment resonated with Bannon’s observation about voter anger towards established parties: “The anger of the voter for who was in charge, the Tories. It’s like they hate them from having lied to them.”

Their analysis extended beyond the UK, touching on upcoming French elections and the broader European context. Bannon highlighted the growing nationalist sentiment: “It’s the same arguments you’re hearing in Paris at the moment as well. The entire continent now is having the same conversation.”

Looking ahead, Bergquam outlined his mission for Frontline American and RAV: “We’re going to be talking about the folks here. We’re going to be talking to the folks in France and everywhere we go. We can expose what’s actually happening.

” Kassam emphasized the urgency of grassroots action, urging voter turnout to effect change: “You have an alternative at this point; we have put the apparatus and the party together, and you can change your country.”


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