“So Delicious! House Of Coxx” Performs For NC Kids, Exclusive Report LGBTQ Festival As Seen By Undercover Moms [VIDEO]

A group of concerned Republican women led weeks of organizing a protest against the sexualized Drag Queen story time for Kids and they stirred up local governments in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

“These drag queen dances are like sexy strip tease dancnes for children, and they are being funded by the public and right here in the center of town,” one concerned woman, an immigrant to the US told me, after Saturday’s Apex Pride, day-long event.

The show went on after much turmoil- as one Democrat Mayor of the town- had compassion about the Republican group’s concerns and, after a massive public outcry about the event, he attempted to intervene on behalf of the public with the Parks and Rec.

He tried to seek a compromise with the events planning council the Apex Pride Committee, and get the radical event organizers, EquityNC, to tone the event down a bit- especially where drag queens would be sexualizing minor children, at the taxpayer’s expense.

However, then radical leftist Democrat Audra Killingsworth, the Mayor Pro Tem, an Apex Town Council Member, and a co-founder of the Apex Pride Committee responsible for the event- stepped in and reversed his attempts.

Killingsworth was having none of a compromise with community members.  She would have her ‘House of Coxx” perform for the town’s children- no matter what.

Killingsworth, herself, established the Pride Committee under local government- Apex Parks and Recreation.

It was the Killingsworth who pressured the other Apex town council members to allow the Apex Parks and Rec to preserve the vision of EquityNC’s Utopian event, including the highly sexualized version where sexualized Drag Queens would be interacting with the area’s youth.

Killingsworth allegedly has ties to the nonprofit group, according to one of the undercover Moms, who contacted me last week with concerns about funds.  I contacted Killingsworth to ask about those concerns, but she did not return my call.

Nonetheless- Killingsworth persisted:

Together Killingsworth and the Town Council destroyed Democrat Mayor Gilbert’s attempts at compromise with the concerned community members and, according to reports by those involved, she ‘bullied the town council’ into bypassing the communities concerns.

Killingsworth wanted those shows- and wanted the actors to be ‘just as nasty as we want to be’ and shoved in all in the faces of Apex North Carolina.

Several women contacted me with their concerns, after my first article and interview of Wake Co.activist told me- who had helped organize the original protest- over the drag queen show for kids- and had dealt with Democrat Mayor Gilbert on the issue.

“The outgoing mayor was trying to help all involved, he was trying to listen to the people, but the incoming Mayor is the one who ruined that work,” the activist told me.

Here is that story:

Exclusive! Apex- Drag is Still On! Battle In North Carolina Over Drag Queen Dances Turns Nasty

Here is Mascherin’s report from Saturday’s event, that made a lot of people very uncomfortable:

“A contingent of 3 Russian American patriots from Wake Co. joined our group. They understand what it means to live under Communism, and are most motivated to quelch this assault on our families. I’m waiting for the rest of the group to share their film and photos. Yes, they did reinstitute the Drag Queen Story Hour.  Lots of interesting characters were present.  There were booths for vendors, and various organizations, including St. Francis Methodist Church, a Community Church, and a Jewish organization.  (Even our churches have gone “woke.”)   There was a booth registering voters (practically all Democrats, to be certain). Moms Demand Action (an anti-2nd amendment non-profit) was there,” the activist told me.

This was the Kids Zone:

And the video she provided me:

“Democrat Mayor Gilbert and 100% Democrat Apex Town Council had aggressive plans for the Apex Pride Festival, touting it as an “awesome and annual” event.

The unprecedented outpouring of disapproval from conservative-minded citizens was ignored by the Apex Town Council. Mayor Gilbert was sensitive to the concerns of conservative-minded Apex families and attempted to moderate potential erotic segments of the festival. Audra Killingsworth (Mayor Pro Tem, Town Council Member and co-founder of the Apex Pride Committee) ignored Mayor Gilbert’s wishes and the moral sensibilities of Apex families, bullied the head of the event planning committee to resign, and instituted the far Left non-profit Equality NC to manage the event.

Members of the conservative community attended to witness the content of the festival, particularly involving the indoctrination and grooming of children, and to film aspects of the Drag Queen performances and story hour.”

The name of the Queen in my video is Naomi Dix.  She/he also did the story hour dressed as “Cinder-Elliot.”

Equity NC , according to their website-describes their vision as: “We envision a thriving, liberated North Carolina with a powerful LGBTQ+ community united in service of racial and social justice.”

The Triangle region of NC is under tremendous pressure from this group. Their supporters, to transform the state into one that publically affirms homosexuality and unconventional sexual identities- all day long- every day- focusing on nothing more- as if everyone is obsessed with these issues- or there will be no peace- is sort of how everyone else feels about their activism.

‘Co-Exisiting’ is not anything Equity NC will settle for, and these events in small-town North Carolina are proof.

Equity NC is a very radicalized and demanding group of activists who appear to be well connected with local governments and well funded.

While it is questionable how many people in the state of North Carolina are LGBTQ, the group and their allies have been hugely successful at a Marxist revolution in the state. They are very good at intimidating and bullying communities into adopting their version of “freedom and equality,” where they get to have control and dominance over everyone else to promote a lifestyle choice that is not at all intriguing to the majority of people.

But persist, they will.  This is what voting Democrat has given us- America.

This is part one of a series of articles.

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