Suppressing Real Data: The Racist Left Is Ignoring Minorities Who Want Closed Borders!

Ben Bergquam reported live to the War Room from Alpine, Texas- while on location for his Real America’s Voice program-Law and Border- and talked to show host Steve Bannon about some updates about the invasion on our Southern Border.

“The Cartels are using NGOs to support human trafficking and they are pushing drugs through these towns while we are focused on other things, and that is leaving these towns wide open. The communities are being overrun and invaded and Joe Biden has a priority to fly the rainbow flag, ” Bergquam said.

“This invasion is destroying small towns like Uvalde because they are under siege from the Mexican drug cartels,” Bannon said, talking about how his program, the War Room is top-rated among the working-class Hispanics in the Rio Grande Valley.

“65% of people there want the border closed completely,” Bannon said, with Berguqma quickly agreeing with him.

“Yes,they know what is on the other side, many of the people live here in this area because they fled countries where they left the evil of Cartels and we are importaning that into America,” Bergquam said.

“It’s MSNBC who is decrying the working-class Hispanic Americans who want the border closed, they [MSNBC] are the real white supremacists,” Bannon said.

Bergquam, who has been reporting live from the region for weeks agreed with Bannon:

“The schools are soft targets in Uvalde because the left doesn’t care about the real issues of gun violence in these border towns. If these schools were in Beverly Hills they would be locked down from violence, “Bergquam said.

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