Tearful Message To Her Hero, Steve Bannon, From Mary In Arizona

Steve Bannon was found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress last week, and immediately after being dismissed from court, Bannon went back to his post on the War Room and did a round of media saying that he was not giving up on the country or on his mission to help save the American Republic.

That is the sort of thing that Bannon does that makes people love him. He is tireless for liberty.

Interest in Bannon’s trial had grown over the week, with the public turning into his War Room program in record numbers to hear his fate. The radical left cheered his demise- all week- as he faced a political circus and as he tried to get his pro-America message out to the masses.

Bannon, who has been crafting media and activism to support and defend an America First agenda for decades, is also a former top-ranking aide to President Donald J. Trump, making him a favored target of the radical establishment of Never Trumpers.

Bannon, who favors ‘the little guys’ over the elite- is an architect of a powerful Populist political movement, and even while facing jail time- refused to budge on his support of Trump’s presidency, saying all week that he “stood with Trump and for the US Constitution.”

It is really no wonder why his fans love him.

Bannon, who is one of the most well-connected men in Washington DC, has shown constant defiance to the pressures put upon him, to abandon his supporters- by an out of control and tyrannical government, and instead shown steadfast defense of the Trump agenda.

That sort of behavior has not gone un-noticed by the Millions of Americans who are feeling burned by the same the government as Bannon has been burned by.

The fans of his program know that Bannon has been a central figure, both in helping to organize the powerful MAGA movement to get Trump elected- and in keeping that same movement together since Trump left the White House.

Bannon often talks about ‘action, action, action,” spurring his audience on into important activism that gets results.

So with the help of his War Room Posse audience and co-hosts, Bannon has kept the movement together and with his guidance has kept people focused on the very actionable changes that has reshaped the Republican party and- therefore- American politics.

And his fans have not abandoned him through the highs and lows.

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On Saturday, at an Arizona event for Governor candidate Kari Lake, President Donald J. Trump had a signature rally and a Bannon fan took the opportunity to hopefully get her message to Bannon.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, was in attendance at the rally, and was flagged down by the Bannon fan, who delivered her message as she was holding back tears for her hero:

“Thank you for what you do, for our country, and all of the news reporting that you do because there’s not a whole lot of places we can go to get the truth as far as what’s happening to our country.

And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you guys have. You stick your necks out, especially Steve- and you know how he held himself together through this whole January 6th crap- is just awe-inspiring to me.

It’s very inspiring. So I want to thank you. Keep up the excellent work; please keep it going so that we can hear the truth.

He guides us. All of you guys guide us.

We know what to do. So thank you very much,” the woman told Bergquam.

“What’s your name?” Bergquam asked.

“Mary from California,” she said.


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